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Creating Responsible Companies Podcast - Destination Better EPISODE 11, 16th March 2020
11 – Millennials and CSR: Diverse, Ethical, Curious
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11 – Millennials and CSR: Diverse, Ethical, Curious


Episode Summary

In this episode, we discuss a recent Forbes article by Marguerita Cheng called 8 Characteristics of Millennials That Support Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Cheng notes that “Millennials' specific traits and consumption trends make SDGs goals more attainable. They are investing in and working for companies that have embraced visible sustainable practices and their tastes and preferences support creating sustainability and equality for all.”  

Join us as we dive into current research about this generation's unique attributes and how your company can benefit in recruitment, retention, and sales to Millennials.


Topics Covered

At 3:00, Where do Millennials get their social awareness? What do they believe is the key to alleviating poverty and improving life outcomes?

At 5:16, Hear how Millennials’ lifelong connection to technology drives their curiosity and eagerness to learn.

At 6:22, As the most ethnically diverse generation, learn why your company’s diversity and inclusion policy is so important to Millennials.

At 8:15, Do Millennials prefer to spend their time and money on products or experiences?

At 10:16, Millennials know how to use devices to learn what they want to know! Learn what percentage of Millennials:

  •  Value a college education and are preparing to acquire one 
  • Are college graduates 
  • Are in college working toward graduation

At 12:12, Millennials have been referred to as the most health-conscious generation ever because of their access to online health information.

At 13:31, Even though they make 20% less than their parents, millennials are saving and investing in systems that have a positive impact on the world.

At 18:00, What drives Millennials' deep sense of connection in helping each other? Is it their belief in human rights more than religion?

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