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STEM on FIRE - Jeff Nigh 26th August 2018
53: Mathematics and Computer Information Systems and Data Viz-Alli Torban
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53: Mathematics and Computer Information Systems and Data Viz-Alli Torban

Alli Torban earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a Minor in Computer Information Systems from James Madison University and is working in predictive analytics and data viz(visualization). She is also host of the Data Viz Today Podcast.

Computer information systems is more geared around how to use computers on the business side vs computer science would be more about the algorithms and really digging into programming.

State of Place is a start-up company and what she really loves about it is she is able to do many different functions within the company. Her expertise is analyzing data and presenting in a way that is meaningful to people.

She is really fired up about data viz and turning data into action. If you are more on the artistic side look at Info Graphics.

Getting through college, she wished she would have paid attention to what really grabbed her attention in class, i.e. I could do this all day long! Listen to the inner voice and follow it, it could be your passion.

Alli does some mentoring and some advice she has is the most fun people to be around are those that pour 100% effort into whatever it is they are doing, no matter how boring it might be. Some of the best advice is “liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it”. Also remember that no one owes you an opportunity and a habit is to Timebox your tasks.

A favorite resource is a twitter account @becomngdatasci and a book is Data Points by Nathan Yau.

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