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Becoming Unstuck from Your Midlife Career Featuring Lucia Knight
Episode 1314th February 2022 • Going Solo • Smashing the Plateau
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Lucia Knight is a midlife career satisfaction researcher and designer. She spent 20 years in the world of corporate headhunting in UK and Australia before embarking on her quest to design work that would be MUCH more satisfying. We discuss:
  • A slowly dripping tap of career dissatisfaction [02:58]
  • Feeling brave until you start feeling stupid [05:31]
  • The state of modern mid-life crisis [09:27]
  • A formula for a lifetime of satisfying work [12:00]
  • Ways to learn before you experiment and try [15:03]
  • Using your superpowers to get paid more to use your superpowers [16:44]
  • How people make themselves look average [19:01]
  • A lovely 50/50 split [20:56]
  • How to change your career in the next 10 minutes [22:44]
After diving headlong into a MSc Psychology in her early 40s, she designed a personal research project to interview 100 midlifers who changed careers and felt happier because of their changes. She then wrote a book on the secrets she discovered. Her career consultancy is called Midlife Unstuck. She now helps midlife professionals who feel stuck doing work that isn’t fully satisfying - to design work that is. Learn more about Lucia at