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Stepping into Your Passion & Finding Joy at Work after Burnout & Adversity with Gladys Camacho
Episode 22029th March 2023 • Building a Life You Love- Step into a Life & Purpose You Love • Kristin Fitch - Transformational Christian Life Coach & Wellness Coach
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Today on the podcast I talk to Gladys Camacho, a certified professional coach & mom, who had a 20 year career in Human Resources before stepping out to start her own business. We talk about going through adversity from being a teen mom, to many other struggles and hardships and flipping the script from victim mindset to victor.

Gladys shares her story of feeling shackled at work and experiencing burn out to deciding to start her own coaching business. If you want to be encouraged to step through the trials and tribulations of life and into what you truly want this is the episode for you.

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Beautiful friends welcome back to building a life you love. I am so excited for my conversation today with my guest. She is an overcomer. She talks about flipping the script over and over again, from what could have been a victim mentality into a victor. She is so inspiring from having a child as a teen all the way to stepping out of a long 20 year HR career into starting her own business. She has stepped through loss, heartache, hard times, and navigating all of it. And she is so inspiring and has so much to share with us. We are going to have so many good conversations this year, we are going to talk about stepping into an abundant life and business that God has called us into. For some of us, it might just be our lives. For some it might be that we also are being prompted to step into a business or ministry, whatever it might be. That really gives us a life of freedom, right flexibility around our families, and being able to step into what our true purpose is. So I cannot wait for the season, we're going to have great guests that have great information for you. All right, before we jump into today's episode, I just have two quick things. The first is if you're not already on my email list, please pause the show and head on over to Kristin and jump on my email list. Every week, I am adding value to your week, I'm giving you tips and strategies for stepping into life in business, how to master online tools and how to step into the mindset and faith life you want. So jump over there and do that now.

Today on the podcast, I would like to welcome Gladys Camacho. Gladys is a certified professional coach living her best life. After being a teen mom with limiting beliefs. She conquered this statistic that should have had her name written all over it. At the age of 18. She began a career in human resources field, which lasted over 20 years. The journey was great until it wasn't burnout and mental fatigue had her shackled. She broke the chain by courageously seeking her passion of coaching professionals like her. Now Gladys needs joy at work every day helping others to confidently seek their passion and become unshackled from limiting beliefs and fears. I am so excited to have this conversation today. Because she has stepped through adversity and challenges throughout her life. She has found ways to triumph and overcome limiting beliefs. And she is now motivating and inspiring others around her and I cannot wait for this juicy conversation. Welcome, Gladys. Thank you. I'm so happy to be here with you. Oh, me too. I can't wait. First of all, I just want to say kind of what I just started to say when I introduce you. But I really am excited because in our pre recording time we've talked about, we both really want to see people especially women, step into being more fearless and more confident and continuing to make take steps to step into what they truly want work. They love relationships they love in a life that really works for the season they're in. And so I'm really glad you came on and join me today. Oh, thank you so much. That's just that's where my passion lies. And I'm so glad we can talk about this freely and openly in a space like this. Yeah. Well, thanks again for joining us. Okay, well, can you first just tell us a little bit you definitely we all have journeys, and we've all gone through challenges. And we'll continue right to step through those things. But you do have, you know, a unique story in some ways. And I would love for you to share this a little bit about your backstory, and then what you've stepped into now. Yeah, we don't have four hours. So I'm going to try to make this, I'm going to try to condense this because there's two major parts of my life that I know have become comfortable, really sharing. First of all, it was being a teen mom, you know, you know, at 16 months after I turned 16 What led me to that point was, you know, not having, you know, the parenting the structure that I needed as a child. You know, born and raised in the Windy City, moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin as a Latina, Puerto Rican at that, and already been challenged with, you know, kind of how I look on where I remember growing up as a teen. And then

I had, you know, I have five older siblings. Now four older siblings because one passed away due to the pandemic. And having two older sisters who also were teen moms and my mom was a teen mom. So here goes, right, I'm the youngest of six, and I just kind of fell into those footsteps when I was a month after I turned 16 I'm holding this baby in my hands. And what am I going to do with my life? I don't know. I'm scared. I'm confused. I'm in high school, dropped out of high school even though they had a daycare in the high school. I dropped out of high school because it was for any mom or parent. It's hard. It's hard to raise a child. Now try to be six

tene trying to be a teenager, raising a child very, very challenging time for me. And then when he turned to ish, I remember I remember clearly as clear as day I looked at him.

And I said, What are you going to say about me when you grow up? What are you going to look up to? And I'm like, pick yourself up from your bootstraps, girl, because nobody's gonna do it for you. I wasn't raised with a silver platter, I actually didn't even have a platter, because we didn't have a lot of foods and times.

And I ended up you know, going back to school, ended up trying to figure out my way, landed a job. My first real job, you know, that first real job, I was an office job as a receptionist. And then I started recruiting, and I started, that was where I stepped into my human resources career.

But, yeah, it was a challenge. And then having children after that, you know, just one thing after another, and decisions and choices that now I say, you know, we're, we're supposed to be, but I didn't know that at the time and how to how to navigate that world, I did the best they could at that time.

That's a little bit about the bank. That's a little background, that I don't know how where you want me to go from here? Oh, no, that's okay. No, that's great. I mean, it gives us some background of your history. So I think maybe just share with us real quick. So from that you spent, you know, many years in HR. And I know, there's been plenty of you know, we might dive into some of that. Plenty of things you saw or experienced in that job. And then now you've stepped into more recently, actually coaching people. So is there anything you just want to share with those, that that middle part until now what you're doing? Yeah, I definitely do. So that was you know, we talk about, you know, adversity, how do we, how do we deal with adversity with baby steps, and where do we go and, and going through a lot of trials, I'm gonna just call them trials that were meant to be definitely meant to be. You know, like I mentioned earlier,

I lost one of my siblings, who I considered my best friend. You know, during the beginning of the pandemic, he was one of the first, you know, to go into the hospital and right in the beginning of March

2020, that same period of time, that same week, as a matter of fact, he goes into the hospital and he says, Hey, I'm glad my siblings call me glad, which is very interesting. Glad I'm in the hospital. You know, I have I have, you know, the Coronavirus and you're my decision maker. Oh,

my goodness. Okay. Luckily, I had to make a lot of decisions in my life. Turned out to be okay. So he trusted me. That same week, I got told that I have a tumor in my pancreas and that I need this major whipple surgery. And then, you know, within 30 days, the person who made a vow to me walked out.

So I had to grieve the loss of my brother because he did succumb, I grieved my health because I had to walk. Even just thinking about it, I get this weird, you know, you get these feelings, and my cheeks turn red, thinking about it, dealing with that, and then dealing with, you know, hit, you know, being alone. And

I think God that my son, and his wife moved to Oregon with me to support me during during that time, but it was definitely very, very hard for me. And so then things started to look different for me. Christian things started to look different in the sense that I viewed the world differently. I was grateful to be alive. I was very happy. Yes, I went through a lot. And then I'm like, now what? Now what? Now what? I've been in HR for over 25 years. I don't want to do this anymore. I don't want to do this anymore. What what's what do I want to do? I don't want the nine to five that have to get to the office. And even though I was working from home remotely, I felt like I was pigeon holed into this into this life. That was very good to me for many years. Except it was good till it wasn't good for me anymore.

And then making the decision to what am I going to do now? And so yeah, that was the middle and now I am where I am and so grateful that I made the decisions I had to come out of, you know, fear. I can't do this. What makes you think that you can do this? To be fearless and confident that heck you can do this? First of all, I've already been doing this. I've already been a coach for a long time

and that I will not be forsaken you

and that I can do this because I'm not left an orphan on this planet Earth.

So much there. And, you know, yeah, I definitely had goosebumps too, when you were, you know, everything you're sharing, because,

you know, some people have a lot more.

You know, hard times in the last couple years, you know, a lot of people have lost in their lives, unfortunately. And a lot of people came to similar places that you did with saying, Hold on, you know, like, we finally had a moment to pause, you know, not that for the best reason. But people started to say, wait a minute, my kids aren't running around the sports or I'm not running from thing to thing. I'm at my house working. So I don't have commute time, or adults, we've had a little bit more time. And in some ways we did. And if people had young kids, maybe they were busier because they're trying to get their kids on schooling, and they're working. But generally speaking, as a collective, people started realizing, like, Hold on, I've been almost in a

not in a trance, but like thinking that this is the way it had to be. And we felt a sudden, certain people started saying, like, I want something different, I want to feel more fulfilled, I want to feel more purpose, or I want more freedom or flexibility. And so people started whether out of necessity, because a lot of people just lost their jobs because of their industries. And some people because something was missing right in their heart, they just knew this isn't working for me anymore, I can't continue this way. And so they made big changes, or began the process of making big changes, or businesses had to pivot, right, they couldn't make their income in person for some time. So it was it was the first time at least in probably our lifetimes, when we were alive, that it's like this collective change or shift was happening, you know, and so, with all the hard stuff that happened, I think you're right, that we started seeing like

it as an opportunity, we started seeing the possibilities for the future that it could be different in some ways. You know, there's a lot of things that aren't different yet, or good or whatever, but, but in our own lives, I think a lot of us started saying, what else could this be? What else could I do? What else could I spend my time doing? How can I make money? And so, you know, I love one that you were brave enough, you were fearless enough? Or at least even if you were afraid, like you said, I'm gonna take the next step to see could I? Could I do this on my own? Can I be Can I work for myself? And then you took that journey, which looks different for everybody, right? For some people, they just start a side hustle for some people, you know, like you went through, I think a certification program, we just start seeing like, can I actually get clients or can actually start this thing or write the book. So first of all, I just commend you for doing that. And while I do want to talk about kind of overcoming some limiting beliefs and stuff and a little bit,

I do want to ask you about that, though. When you stepped when you decided to leave your HR career or corporate job? What did the what did that what was going through your head? And what were those first couple little steps that convinced you that you could keep taking those steps to do? Yeah.

Yeah, that's great. So let me go back to something you were talking about just for a quick second, when we're talking about that period, that everybody's questioning, you know, questioning what what what?

I feel like most people miss the mark, because they're questioning the what instead of the who?

Oh, am I? Whoa?

Who is this? Who is this person really deep down inside, that I want to share with the world? Because then the what came when I figured out my who the what came, right? The Who and the resilient, you know, confident person that I am. And I'm gonna go look at my whole life. And when I did this kind of like this quick, you know, like, when they rewind the video.

And I saw my whole life, I'm like, dang it. This is who I am. And the what was what? Now you're going to share this with people. Now you're going to get out there. And so when I was working, you know, great job. You know, here I was being promoted. I was at my company for four years. You know what, for different roles in the company. And the last role was a senior Human Resources consultant. Doing a lot of projects supporting the HR department, there was a lot I was in healthcare, and everything was okay.

On the outside, and the inside is when I was like,

Okay, I do this I do this project and who am I really whom are really impacting here? What is my real purpose here?

And then yeah, it was hard leaving this great salary, benefits like the organization I worked for Maisie benefits, right. And what happened was I had a conversation with my son in law

My son was doing some grief coaching as a matter of fact, and he called me was telling me about it. And I'm like, Yeah, that sounds like, you know, kind of like what I've been thinking about for years, I really wanted to be a coach 10 years ago. And so talking to my son, and my son was like, Mom, why don't you do it? This is the same son that I was trying to do something for when he was two years old, now 31 years old, or 30. At the time, it's like, you know, just do it. And then I'm like, Oh, you get the whole anxiety at the moment like that. Just do it. I started to look into programs and researching where do I want to go and get certified, because there's a lot of coaches and they're not certified, and they're, they're fine. Some of them are great. I felt that I needed that certification, I wanted the, the not the piece of paper, the validation maybe. And I wanted to polish my skills. And so found the program. And then the company I was with supported, because I was a coach internally for the organization. And then I had to have a lot of conversations with, first of all me, looking in the mirror, talking to myself, and went through a very long time of what is this going to look like and having conversations with my spouse was the most amazing human being on this side of heaven. And then graduating,

tears coming down my face when they said, You know that I got certified, and then making the decision a few days later, to,

even though I had some trepidation. If I don't do this, now, I'm just not going to do it.

I'm just not going to do it.

I mean, I'm 47 years old, but I'm just not going to do it. And so it was like, Nope, just do it. Because I kept telling myself and telling my husband saying I can do this. And there were times when we're the Gremlin in the back. And he said, No, you can't. No, you can't. And I had to go to my grandma to go sit somewhere, because they can and giving up. That's it, I turned in my resignation letter with a very long notice. Because I was like, get all the money you can. Right and making that making that transition.

You know, it was it was I'm still losing days. And like, wow, you know, this is this is

I just want to impact and help and motivate inspire people to know and understand that they have the answers themselves. It's just about digging deep. It's just about digging deep. I just help people tap into it. Yeah. Well, well, I'm that two things. One is, you're absolutely right. I mean, they say the core of every person, but company is its fifth who first?


get around other information, read books, listen to podcasts, watch documentaries, talk to people in different industries, because that's how we expand our thoughts, expand our thinking. And then things start clicking like Gosh, that's interesting. Maybe I'd like to learn more about that. And so I just want to encourage people, because some people are like, I don't even I don't even know what else I could do. It's you have to start by expanding what information is coming into your life.

You know, your purview, I think, yeah, and someone told me a long time ago, find what you love, figure out what you love to do, which is your hope.

And then there'll be a way to make money out of that. You have to have that burning desire. But tapping into who you are, and tapping into resources and people and the world around us and gaining that, those experiences. And all of that will come together. Right, I thought that human resources was the only thing that I was ever going to do. And I was going to die as an HR professional. Yeah, I really did. There were many times in my career where I thought, Oh, well, what, what, what else? What else can I'm like, Who else would want and just an HR professional, I'm all about policies, procedures, hiring just one blah, blah, blah. And realizing that there was more out there for me and I and it's okay. I'm not living that. Joy. I'm having that joy at work now that I decided for a long time. Yeah, I love it. So why don't we dig into, you know, I know since the time you were, you know, a young mom all the way until, you know, many of the things you walk through as an HR professional until even leaving your position and everything you walk through during the pandemic.

Tell us some things you've learned on this journey about how do we How did you flip the script from? You could have just been in a victim mindset. But you were able to overcome that and switch that script. Tell us what, what did you learn along the way that maybe could help other people, if they're stuck in some of those limiting beliefs, or just in maybe a more of a victim mentality? They might not even realize it? Yeah, you know,

a lot of times, it's that self talk, it's that self talk to say, you know, first of all, I'm not the only one that's going through something. I'm not the only one, it may feel like that sometimes, like you're just carrying this whole, though, the weight of the world on your shoulders, and that you're the only one going through it and realizing that No, I'm not. I'm not the only one going through something right now. And, and finding that compassion for other people. You know, because it kind of took away a little bit of what I was going through when I was kind of trying to help other people, and then dealing with one thing at a time, you know, sometimes it's, you know, my son says, Mom, you're like, you can compartmentalize and it's like, you know, one thing at a time, let me focus on this. And this area, right, let me focus on, like, when that happened during the pandemic, you know, with Orlando, my brother and with, you know, those, the trifecta of stuff that was happening, but first of all, it was like, okay, he's in the hospital, I have to deal with that my health, you know, what I brew and breathing in the morning, Joe with that, when he passed away, okay, I have surgery in two weeks, like, Okay, now I'm dealing with that, you know, mortgage and doing all that stuff and paying everything okay, I will deal with that. Like, it was just like,

I can do this. I'm not the only one going through one one thing at a time. And I have said this, and I've said this to multiple people. It is, in my opinion, it is not one day at a time. I don't say that to people anymore. It's one hour at a time, there were days where I had to take smaller bites of the day.

And understanding that

this too shall pass.

Just get through one more hour.

And you're going to get through this day, you'll go to sleep, you'll wake up and they'll just you'll have to deal with whatever happens in that day. My faith also

got me through I am a strong woman of faith. And although I can't get on my knees, because that knee replacement, I get on my knees in my in my head and spend time, you know, in devotion because I don't know, either I would have gotten through a lot of that I honestly don't I honestly don't know it there's a lot but it's not um, there are things that

when I got told first that I had the the

maths in my kidney, not even my pancreas in my kidney. I never said well, why why why why? Why? Why? Like, I had twins, and it was why I don't know why. You know, like, it just it's me. And it was just like, Well, why not me what makes me so special that I can't have adversity? This is all teaching me a lesson. All of this is because I am going to there's a big plan for me.

And there were moments where I cried and I didn't think of it that way. But then there were moments like okay, you just gonna have to get through this. You just don't know choice here. Right? You just gotta get through it and you'll come out polished on the other side like I was telling my friend last night you will come up polished on the other side when you go through the fire.


yeah, and I think two things. One is our attitude. And our perception or the the attitude and perception we choose to bring into our day into the adversity makes a huge difference. Because if we have to walk through hard things, regardless, if we choose to show up, and like you said, What, what's the best in this circumstance? Even, you know, we have quite a few friends that are been walking through, or their kids, unfortunately, been walking through diagnosis and cancer and all sorts of things. And it's, it's heartbreaking. And like you said, it's much like what you said, it's day by day, sometimes it is hour by hour. But if they just focused on this is horrible, of course, it's horrible. They just have to focus on what needs to get done, how can we do everything we need to do to be supported and get him healed? or whomever healed? Right? So to your point, though, it's, it's about where can I be grateful? Where can I get the support I need? Where can I so it's all about perception and attitude. Because if we commit to it, then we're not grateful if something hard happened to us, we can be grateful for the people around us that are helping us lifting us up for good doctors, we can be grateful. So even in the hard things, I think it does matter how we show up. Because like you said, if we're always in a state of negativity, it's actually worse for our body mentally and physically. And so there is actually in there science on that, right? There's actually data and so the more that we can show up even in these hard things, it doesn't mean we're not going to have a day where we're just, it's work done, right, we need a break, we're gonna just lose it. So that's, that's expensive, right. But I think when it matters, how we show up with our own, you know, we keep trying to work on have been grateful, and still showing up and loving other people, even in our hard things. You know what I mean? I think that's so important. And then you'd brought up something else.

I'm just trying to think which part was that I wanted to say?

I think it's just

Oh, the, the hour by hour? Yeah, I say often to people. The reason so many people I think are overwhelmed and stressed out, even when it's not a huge diagnosis or a huge loss, is because we're trying to cram in more into a day that God has intended for a day to happen. And so whether that's hour by hour, day, by day, we were meant to let move at a little bit slower pace, or not to take our kids to six things and have 25 meetings, and be so overwhelmed and stressed out. It's much like your burnout, we can't live with that piece. And the reason that we feel so overwhelmed and anxious all the time and may be sick is because we're not saying Hold on This doesn't this isn't right, I can tell at a soul level, this isn't right. You know, and so you even stepping into doing your own work will allow you now and in the future, to shift your schedule to what works for you what feels right. That's right. And a lot of people don't feel empowered. That's right, you know, to do that, and and I understand and it goes back to what you said about you not everything is rosy, and when you're going through stuff, it's hard, but I allowed myself to be sad and upset and to cry. And then guess what? I wiped the tears, got a bed and said, Okay, get dressed, what? What are you going to do? You know, like, what are you going to do? And that that's it? I'll go through those moments. And then I don't know how

it just by mercy that the I have to the switch gets flipped and it's like, Okay, shut it off. Now deal with the next thing. I can be crying in one moment and be recording on a podcast and another like, it's just and then think that I think that that's instinctual from having to deal with a lot of trauma. You just have to switch gears a lot. I think that's part of it. Excuse me. However, I think that that has helped me. And yes, cramming everything in, in one day in one hour has been something that I I've had to learn.

I've had to learn to unlearn that, because I remember when I was working Christian and I had a meeting in 12 minutes and I'm looking at the clock Oh, gotta get on Zoom. I have a meeting.

In 12 minutes, I would go downstairs, start to boil water to make dinner, and then go out and do this. Oh, I could sleep real quick. I'd say cram, cram, cram, cram cram. And I'm just didn't come upstairs and I'm sweating and zoom. Hi, good morning, right? And I'm just like, Oh, I didn't have that liberty. I felt shackled. And this is the word that I use. I use it on my website. I use it in my life. Like I felt like shackled. And the shackle or the leash was short. And I'm so glad that I'm not there anymore and that I'm in a in a place where

I can take a breath and I don't have to be in a rush and it's taking me time to get used to that but I cannot I

Like, I like right here in this place of, okay, I still have, you know, a calendar. And you know, I still have, you know, my work, but I'm finding joy through all of that right now. And that and I had to empower myself, I had to tell myself, it's okay. Yes, yes, you don't have to live from, you know, at our where I was working, it was meeting after meeting, they don't even give breaks in between. So for four years working here, literally, even pre pandemic, we'd have to go from room to room to room, no break in between even go to the restroom. And three, four meetings at a time. And then in zoom, it's like, okay, um, I need to just take a quick bio break, be right back, it's back to back to back to back where were my head is just spinning. And that just, that wasn't for me anymore. And I told myself, I told myself, it's okay, that is not for you anymore. I tell people now which my top the goal you need to be the vice president, Executive Vice President of Human Resources says who you have to be the CHR o says who? My top was senior HR consultant, I reached that Top. And then I folded up the napkin, placed it on the table, and was able to walk out, I empower myself to do that. Because I could, because I know at the end of the day was going to be better for me. Right? So good. Oh, my gosh, it's so so true. And, you know, I think that's the thing is, I think, you know, I think befores are recording I mentioned, I know many people, whether I've talked to them, or we're friends in real life, and many of them are still at their jobs, even though they're, I don't want to say miserable, that might be the wrong word. They're dissatisfied. And they feel like, they have no purpose, but it pays the bills. And they've literally said things to me like, Well, I only have to wait seven more years, and then I'll get retirement and I'm like, like, you're miserable. Like, what? They have a dream of doing something else. Actually, one wants to start a bakery, one wants that. And I'm like, what you're gonna wait till the time in which you don't know if you can do that dream. And oh, by the way, you're miserable just to get how much more money? Like, you know, I'm like, you're already gonna get some retirement, right? If they're a teacher, or whatever they want.

But they're gonna get more if they wait, and I get it like, but we're so stuck in thinking that what we have now is safe, that we're sometimes afraid, or we hesitate, or we don't take the time to really consider, would it be better for us mentally, health wise, you know, quality of life wise, if we would make a change? I don't mean make a change tomorrow and just quit your job?

What would it be? Is it something that you should consider? How could you transition out of something if you're truly it's soul sucking, or you're feeling exhausted or burnout or you just know it's the wrong word? You know, and that's where I think a lot of people get stuck. They think they don't know what the other side of it is. And so they'd rather stay where they believe it to be safe. stead of taking the risk. Well, yeah, it's comfort, right? I'm comfortable here. It doesn't, it's not raining here. There's not a storm here. I'm the weather's fine. I'm, I'm okay, I can do this. And I did it too. I was at a job for eight and a half years. And I was comfortable. I know my job and and now I did everything in human resources. I was not a manager at the time, I was so comfortable. It took me a long time to make that movie, say no, I want I want a net next level role that was at that time. But this is it is that we get so comfortable. We wake up in the morning, we don't even want to brush our teeth to go to work and part of these human resources groups. And I read this stuff, and I'm blown away blown away. People are tired and they're exhausted and they're burned out. And they hate themselves. They hate life. They hate their spouse, they hate everything. Hate Everything right now. Because they're not finding they don't even know who they're who isn't that much less. They're what? And they're like, I don't know. I'm just

right. This is how people look right now. Right? And I try to reach out to people and tell them you know, you don't

have to. And they're like, Yeah, but the New Year is exactly what you said though, Christian, it's, it pays the bills, it pays the bills. Yeah, who's gonna pay the bills when you hospitalized? Because you've had some sort of a mental attack on you, who's gonna pay that massive bill, when you have a stroke or a heart attack? Like you were talking about paying the bills, like save up for that? Because it's it, it's definitely can happen. You know, that that extreme burnout and there's a lot of people in HR, it's just you know, what, if you don't want help, you don't want help. If you don't want to change, you don't want to change. It's not going to happen. It's not going to happen for you.

finesse clients, my clients seem to come to me. And they're like, I'm ready. And I told so I tell my clients all the time when I get on a call with them, I say, you have to be hungry for change. And I tell them Christian, not just hungry, like, Oh, I'm hungry. No, you have to be ugly, hungry. You know, the ugly, hungry face where you're starving, you're ravenous my husband's like, you're like, ugly, hungry right now, when I'm like, going to eat a horse. And I don't even eat me. And he says, You're, that's ugly, hungry. And I say, if you're not ugly, hungry, you're not applying for me. You're not a client for me. Because you have to be ready for that change to embark on a new journey. And it's scary. And it's not about jumping, like you said, one day to the next, hey, let's work on those little things that work on the small goals. Let's work on this day by day, eventually, it's going to happen for you, you know, it's going to happen. My career didn't happen overnight. You know, what, when you when you break up in a relationship, and you've been in a relationship for 510 years, it doesn't take you over it get over it? Right? Like it takes you almost as long as you were invested in the relationship. So it's gonna take time, but at least it start working on it, you got to start somewhere. If you're at least ready to start somewhere. I'm ready to sit with you and help you start somewhere. Ready? You have to be hungry, ugly, hungry? Yeah. So true. And, you know, you sort of mentioned mentioned courage. And I think that's one important point to make is, you do smart, you just have to start with small steps of courage. Because the more you use that muscle, the bigger it gets, the easier it gets to step through fear into making a bold or courageous, you know, decision or trying something new. But instead of holding ourselves back, we just need to decide. And even I would say this, even sometimes people get stuck on, they have a whole list of like, this is maybe what all I got to get done. Maybe they started a new business, maybe they're trying to make a decision. And I'm like, No, write it all down. What's the one thing you can do today that you don't need to do all those other things to do? Just one little thing, you know, can be making a phone call, it could be going on a walk, it could be whatever thing, it doesn't matter. But pick the one baby step you can take and put all this stuff aside for now that that stuff might be important to know later. But you don't have to have that all figured out to take that next little baby step of courage. Yeah, 100%. I met with a client recently, who they haven't been in human resources for not even a year, but they've already started a consulting firm. Okay, I understand you're ambitious is great ambition is what got me Where, where, where I am today. And I said, however, you know, tell me about what's in the middle here, what your plan is, and, and there's a lot of stuff. But there are little things and that's that's the thing that you said, eventually, you're gonna get there, right? It's just take a deep breaths back, sit back. And as you're working on your who the goals are going to come up the little things you're going to happen, you're going to start to feel that, Nick, you said, the courage muscle working, and you're going to like, Oh, that felt good. Oh, what's next? What's next? And then you're able to then take that next step and that next step, and then the steps get bigger and wider. Right? And then you know, to you to start to feel

that you are at peace, I'll say, with, with where, where you want to be and who you are as a person.

Yeah, and it's, it's also true. What would you say?

From everything you've learned all the things you've been through? Like what other encouragement would you just want to share with people about, you know, you continue to like we all I hope we're doing you continue to, you know, improve yourself or work on your mindset work. Think, is this serving me now in this season? Does this look like what I want the future to be? And you were able to continue to make those changes? Are those shifts? What would you maybe just share with us about that? Well, I continue to be to find encouragement from other you know, people in my in the world of coaching and finding those resources. You know, I read a lot I read a lot of articles I'm it's for me, it's taking in as much as I can. I haven't reached you know, where I feel like I want to be I still there's things I want to do right? And I'm not there I'm I am a work in progress. Yeah. And allow yourself to be a work in progress and take things in, right take things in. If you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room, get yourself in the other room. So then I take that from other people. I've had to have coaching myself, you know where I can where someone can work with me, you know,

And my home, and all of that. And I would say, get the support people feel like they're alone. And some people may really believe they are alone. But there's someone out there for all of us that we can connect with and find inspiration, motivation. And and some guidance. You know, there's people who say, Oh, can I can I be their mentor, and you know, mentoring, therapy, advice, giving, those are all different than coaching. I love to coach because you have the answers. And so it's like, find someone that can help you support you where you're at now, which will get you to where you will be later, I needed to be in that room and connect with those people. That's why I am where I'm at today. There's a lot of tough pills I had to swallow along the way. A lot of tough pills.

But yet, I came out on the other side. And so will you. Better I'm talking to your audience.

Oh, my gosh, I love it so much good stuff there.

Tell us. Is there any last things you want to say before we wrap up and you share with us how people can connect with you online and learn all about what else should you have going on?

You know, it's a matter of, we all go through adversity hard times, this too shall pass I started before, this is how I had to live in my mantra, my model. This too shall pass. Look, in the mirror, look in the mirror, what do you see? Look inside your own soul. You know, people say, Oh, someone can look inside your soul or pet or someone can just they're just looking deep. Look at yourself. Look at yourself, look inside your soul. And if you're so isn't smiling, and and helping those around you and you are just stuck. Understand, you don't have to be if you're there. It's because you're choosing to be.

But there's another choice. There's always another choice. Always another choice. And that's what I want to tell people just always another choice. So good. And yeah, and you pointed out before, if that if you find yourself there, and we all get there, and we all get stuck at different times or for different things. Get, you know, we're all going to need to realize, oh, what's my role and maybe something going on? Or I was like it's growth, right? It's continuous growth. As they say, always be a student. Don't you know we're never master because there's always something more to learn. And so just get around, like you said, information get around people that inspire you and encourage you that motivate you that give you new ideas to consider to ponder. And that's how we keep improving for the better both for ourselves, for our family, for the people around us, but also for the world. Right? It's the more we expand ourselves both in knowledge but in love, the more we're going to have an impact in the world. That's right. That's right. And that's that's I can just leave the audience with that. 100% You You said it beautifully. So tell us that is how can people find out more about what you are doing online and your website and all that? Yeah, mostly people find me on my website which is Camacho ca ma ch Mostly people go there and kind of read about my story and kind of just take advantage of all the you know, the resources and who I am as a person. I'm on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, you can just find me there. I'm constantly posting stuff, you know, especially things that are motivating and inspiring and hopefully we'll help someone get through that next hour. Maybe we should be posting something every hour. No, that would be crazy. You know, but you know just you know helping people to think in it's a matter of I heard someone say that stinking thinking if I can start to if I can work with you and help remove some of that sinking thinking via those platforms of you know, Facebook Gladys Camacho you know the the Instagram which I'm just building up you know, on Instagram, and you know, LinkedIn, you know, just connect, just connect, shoot an email, ask a question. Just say hi, I you know, read my blog, read, read what's going on? Because you're not alone. Alone thinking is alone being you're not alone.

So good. Well, thank you again, guys, for being with us today and sharing your story. And then you know, all the insights you've learned throughout, you know, the things you've already done. I can't wait to see what you do, you know, continue to help and motivate people in the future. So thanks again for being with us. Thank you so much. Take care. Thanks again for listening to the show. If you enjoyed it, we would love it if you could leave us a rating and review on Apple podcast so that more people can discover the show and connect to our community.





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