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The Documentary Life - The Documentary Life EPISODE 52, 15th December 2017
5 Things to Look For in a Fiscal Sponsorship + Conversation with The Film Festival Doctor
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5 Things to Look For in a Fiscal Sponsorship + Conversation with The Film Festival Doctor

5 Things to Look For in a Fiscal Sponsorship

The fiscal sponsorship is one of the more critical aspects of a doc filmmaker’s success when seeking funds for their film. And we take a look at 5 things that can help you decide who might be a good fit as your fiscal sponsor. We discuss:

  • definition of a fiscal sponsorship
  • why the fiscal sponsorship is critical to your fundraising
  • 5 specific things to look for in a fiscal sponsor


Podcast Conversation

Just as the fiscal sponsor is important to the doc filmmaker seeking funding for their film, the aspects of promotions, marketing, and distribution is the key to one’s success with their film’s release. Rebekah Louisa Smith founded The Film Festival Doctor, a company that helps the filmmaker design and then implement a full promotional and distribution strategy for their films. We discuss:

  • advice for getting into film festivals
  • importance of a proper social media strategy
  • what are the distribution platforms we should be paying attention to


Related Resources

As mentioned in the episode, we want to provide a small-ish list of some of the more known organizations that offer fiscal sponsorships and here they are:

Bay Area Video Coalition

Center for Independent Documentary

Docs in Progress

Fractured Atlas

From the Heart Productions

Independent Arts and Media

International Documentary Association

Kartemquin Films

San Francisco Film Society

Women in Film and Video


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