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The Leadership Locker - Rich Cardona EPISODE 9, 7th October 2019
9. Why Your Personal Brand is the Key to Your Success with Mary Henderson
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9. Why Your Personal Brand is the Key to Your Success with Mary Henderson

On this episode of the Leadership Locker, personal brand specialist Mary Henderson shares why personal brands and vulnerability go hand-in-hand, and how you can approach a job interview as a personal brand to increase your chances of success. Listen in as Mary and Rich talk about the real reason Mary started her business, the true definition of a personal brand, and what question you need to ask yourself if you’re still unsure what your personal brand looks like.

Mary Henderson is a personal brand specialist that helps Coaches, Consultants & Corporate Professionals unpack & enhance their #PersonalBrand to stand out, become an authority in the marketplace and win new business.

WHY IT MATTERS: In today’s digital economy, your #PersonalBrand is the ONE thing nobody else can BE or replicate, especially if you’re a Business Coach, Consultant or Solo Business Owner. People are buying YOU (i.e. Personal Brand) as much as the products or services you provide.

Here’s how you can connect with Mary:

Email: mary@maryhendersoncoaching.com

Website: https://www.maryhendersoncoaching.com/

1:1 Coaching: Book a 45 minute strategy call here:


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Rich is a retired Marine Corps aviator who tried the traditional job route after serving his country. While successful, Rich was unfulfilled and knew he was destined for something more. He decided to leave the workforce and have recorded conversations with C-Suite executives and influencers.