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K.J. Ramsey
Episode 19th October 2020 • WellSpring SoulCARE • WellSpring
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Today we’re talking with K.J. Ramsey, author of the book, This Too Shall Last, Finding Grace when Suffering Lingers. K.J. is a truly gifted writer and author, a therapist, podcast host and prolific on Instagram - showcasing God’s beauty in delightful ways and photos. K.J. is the wife of Ryan, who is a pastor and currently serves as a chaplain. Most of all, K.J. is a follower of Jesus who is deeply honest about her own journey of pain and suffering, as she has battled an auto-immune disease for over a decade, living with daily and chronic pain. K.J.’s writing has appeared in Christianity Today and in Relevant Magazine, among other places, and her book has been critically praised and a source of help and wisdom to many, many people. You are going to be helped and encouraged by our conversation with K.J. Ramsey. Please enjoy!