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Christian CEO Podcast with Kelly Baader - Kelly Baader EPISODE 65, 26th May 2019
Christian Business Success - Radical Obedience
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Christian Business Success - Radical Obedience

#65: Today I am interviewing Katrina Douglas for her Radical Obedience to launch her Legacy Conference in UK.

Key Lessons from this Episode:

• How God connected us.

• Her journey from a corporate career until now.

• How she describes her tribe.

• How she stepped out to the water as God leads to launch her legacy conference.

• The transparent sharing about the obstacle in this process of launching the conference and how she overcame them.

Katrina Douglas is a Chartered Marketer, author, consultant & trainer who helps purpose driven business leaders gain momentum. She creates marketing strategies for businesses that provide a clear roadmap to their goals, and ensure that every marketing activity they engage in has a purpose and is part of a well-oiled and effective marketing machine.


Her business emerged from a passion to see more people not just start businesses, but succeed with them and build organizations with purpose and longevity. Everything she does is born out of her core belief that business owners need two things to thrive: an ability to market their business successfully and stay motivated so they can consistently drive it forward.

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