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Inclusive Creative Place Making
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Inclusive Creative Place Making


Transforming a Community Through the Power of Art

In This Episode:

01:44 Guests Linda Steele and Roseann Weiss are introduced.

02:44 Vernice shares her interest in place-making strategies through art and artistry.

03:39 Roseann tells of the work that is happening in St. Louis.

04:59 Linda tells of the work that is happening in Memphis.

07:24 Linda shares her background.

09:02 Roseann shares her background.

11:32 Linda gives her thoughts on what her role is in building stronger, more vibrant communities.

17:28 Roseann gives her thoughts regarding art and culture being the component that connects people in St. Louis.

22:12 Roseann states if her work could be coupled with the urban vitality and ecology initiative in the Wells-Goodfellow community.

26:01 Linda talks about whether reclaiming the arts, culture and blues-jazz-gospel history in Memphis is a driver for revitalization.

28:27 Vernice shares her thoughts on the importance of capturing the history of the physical place where people live.

29:27 Linda and Roseann provide the one policy that they would advocate for to advance community revitalization.

29:49 Roseann states what an individual can do to contribute to the work that she’s doing.

30:37 Linda states what an individual can do to contribute to the work that she’s doing.

31:05 Linda shares what art and culture placemaking looks like 30 years from now.

31:35 Roseann shares what art and culture placemaking looks like 30 years from now.

32:27 Roseann identifies where listeners can go for more information.

[32:40] Linda identifies where listeners can go for more information.

Guest and Organization:

Roseann Weiss is the Director of Artist and Community Initiatives for the Regional Arts Commission. The Regional Arts Commission leads, strengthens, and gives voice to a creative community where every citizen can be proud to live, work, and play in a world-class region. In short, we are proud of our St. Louis cultural identity and want to do whatever we can to grow, sustain, and promote that identity in the future. We are at the forefront of helping transform St. Louis into a more vibrant, creative, and economically thriving community through the arts – and want everyone to know just how special the creative community is within the region.


Linda Steele is Founder & CEO of ArtUp, an innovative startup based in Memphis, Tennessee that uses arts, culture and design strategies to redevelop and revitalize disinvested communities. Linda spent 3 years incubating the work of ArtUp at local arts agency and United Arts Fund, ArtsMemphis including launching the game changing Fellows Program which has received the Robert E. Gard award from Americans for the Arts and grants from the National Endowment for the Arts. Linda has worked in various arts and cultural organizations including performing arts center, museums, and arts education organizations. Linda is a graduate of Amherst College where she has served as a Wade Fellow and Harvard University.


Take Away Quotes:

“About 20 years ago, we started something called the Community Arts Training Institute…we believe that it should be cross-sector, and that has been the beauty at the Regional Arts Commission of the CAT Institute in that it’s been cross-sector. So, we train not only artists of all disciplines, but we train their community partners as well—so, social workers, community activists, teachers, politicians, have all gone through the CAT Institute, and we know have 350 alumni working within our community.”—Roseann

“Memphis is considered the poorest major city in the nation, and also, it has one of the poorest, if not poorest, zip codes in the nation. So there’s a lot of segregation in terms of not only racial and cultural segregation but certainly socioeconomic as well.”—Linda

“I think it’s a very bold statement to say that arts and culture can actually address issues and challenges such as poverty, unemployment, blight, and crime.”—Linda


Regional Arts Commission


Local Government Commission

2018 New Partners for Smart Growth Conference – February 1-3, 2018