GotTechED the Podcast - Eric Guise/Nick Johnson
Teacher Creativity, EdTech Round-table, and PD Badge System
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Teacher Creativity, EdTech Round-table, and PD Badge System

GotTechED Episode 16: Teaching Creatively with EdTech

Welcome to GotTechED the Podcast! In this episode, Guise and Nick evaluate the benefits of teaching creatively.  After a teachers inquiry, they discuss the role of an educational tech coach from multiple perspectives. They also take a look at badge systems as a motivational tool for teaching teachers.  Finally, Guise and Nick argue over their favorite tech tools to maximize creativity.

Transform Your Teaching with Creativity

Teacher Question: Utilizing Your School’s Tech Coach

Teacher Badge Systems

Tech Battle Royale: Creativity Tech

  1. Nick argues for
  2. Guise argues for Photofunio

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