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61: Interview with Zalman Goldstein Publisher at The Jewish Learning Group
7th May 2019 • The Frum Entrepreneur • Nachum Kligman
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What an incredible episode! You will hear the story of Zalman Goldstein who is among other things a musician, publisher, author and communications director. Zalman is a brother to Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein from Chabad of Poway California and who’s shul was recently attacked. Zalman dived in and was key in crafting and coordinating communications between the press, the White House, and well-wishers for his brother. This episode is broken down into two parts with the first learning about Zalman and his entrepreneurial journey and the second part (begins at 45min and 30 seconds) goes through his brothers story from the time Zalman heard there was an attack at a Chabad House in San Diego (there are a few in San Diego) while it was still Shabbos, through meeting President Trump, Ivanka, and Vice President Pence, to the first Shabbos after the shooting. A very inspirational episode!

NAME: Zalman Goldstein

COMPANY: The Jewish Learning Group

LINKEDIN: Zalman on LinkedIn

TWITTER: @zalmangoldstein

AMAZON: Zalman’s Page On Amazon

iTUNES: All of Zalman’s Music on iTunes

SPOTIFY: All of Zalman’s Audio on Spotify

L-R: Vice President Mike Pence; Rabbi Zalman Goldstein; President Donald Trump; Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein; Rabbi Mendy Goldstein




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