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Your London Legacy - Steve Lazarus • The London Podcaster EPISODE 83, 9th March 2020
Shamash Alidina Author Of ‘Mindfulness For Dummies’ & Co-Founder Of ‘The Museum Of Happiness’ Discusses One Of The Most Relevant Topics Of Our Generation.

Shamash Alidina Author Of ‘Mindfulness For Dummies’ & Co-Founder Of ‘The Museum Of Happiness’ Discusses One Of The Most Relevant Topics Of Our Generation.

In a world full of negative news compounded and inflated by politicians, the media, and online trolls—we all need to slow down, stop, and just be from time to time. To reconnect and yes, be happy.

This week’s guest Shamash Alidina is that ray of light, that beacon of hope. Author of Mindfulness for Dummies and Relaxation for Dummies,Shamash has many years’ experience as a mindfulness teacher, trainer, coach, and worldwide speaker—having trained with Jon Kabbat Zinn, Thich Nhat Hanh, and Mattieu Ricard.

In this wonderful and joyous episode Shamash talks of Kindfulness, the discovery and cultivation of kindness towards your own self and the difference it has on your life, and The Museum Of Happiness that he co-founded with Vicky Johnson to help everyone find deep happiness through experiential adventure.

This may well be the most important podcast you ever listen to. This is Your London Legacy.

 “The idea is to help social enterprises and other businesses remember that values come first. Yeah, you do need to make a profit but if that becomes too much of the focus then you kind of lose your way.”


Shamash had a bit of a revelation his first summer while attending university. He was excited to be working as an engineer and making money, actual money he could spend on things and be happy. Then the moment came when he went shopping in Oxford Street, and there was just a sense of emptiness, no fulfillment at all. Funnily enough, he saw a poster on the tube with a quote from Socrates and decided to jump into a philosophy class—and Shamash has never looked back, and now tries not to stare too far into the future either. He practices mindfulness and living in the moment.

 “Right now is the highest spread of wealth in the world, lowest chance of dying of disease when young—violence on the planet is at the lowest level it’s ever been…however, the worst time to be born for mental health challenges is right now.”


While visiting his brother in NYC, Shamash came about googling books on mindfulness and didn’t find hardly any at all. After a quick fill in contact form with the “Dummies” series of information books, he quickly found himself contracted to write Mindfulness for Dummies. This launched a point where he switched to teaching and writing about mindfulness for a living – a journey that started on a one-on-one basis all the way to his “pop up” Museum of Happiness going viral on Facebook and kicking off a whole series of events focused on happiness.

 Shamash is focused on spreading his teachings of mindfulness and Kindfulness—a concept that focuses on discovering and cultivating kindness towards yourself and the difference it has on your life. There are a wealth of resources on Shamash’s website such as ebooks and trainings, and I highly encourage you to head over to TeachMindfulnessOnline.com to discover more. And even more so—if you want a physical copy of one of Shamash’s books, give us a shout out that you listened to the episode over at Your London Legacy’s on Instagram or Twitter and you’ll be entered to grab a copy!


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