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MarketEd NOT Live - MarketEd.Live EPISODE 9, 26th August 2019
Paul Ramondo
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Paul Ramondo

G’Day! We’re going Down Under for the ninth episode of our MarketEd NOT Live podcasts and sliding up to Paul Ramondo in Perth, Australia. Paul is a sought-after keynote speaker on digital and social media marketing, a prolific vlogger, founder of boutique digital shop RamondoMedia, a self-confessed Facebook Ads nerd and an all-round spectacular Aussie. Paul also teaches entrepreneurs how to generate leads and sales using Facebooks Ads and marketing funnels and, here, talks about how he creates great video content from simple opportunities that occur in his daily life.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Paul has worked with some huge global brands, such as Porsche, Red Bull, Choice Hotels and Boral, to name but a few
  • He literally enjoys sliding into his day. On one of his daily 3k walks, he will “release his inner child” and whizz down a slide in a nearby park. Why? Because it’s fun and because it creates good content
  • He’s a big fan of Blink 182 – and even has his own band, One True North
  • That it was Paul who created the massively popular YouTube video How to Get Upgraded to Business Class on Qantas for Free
  • A step-by-step guide on how he turns his videos from a single concept, to recording, to editing and getting it out there
  • Why he structures his vlogs in the simplest-possible way
  • That he published 21 weekly vlogs in a row
  • Why the name of the game for YouTube in 2019 is audience retention and watch time
  • Why jump cutting can be essential to keeping your audience’s attention
  • The benefits of SEO for your video content
  • How Paul researches topical content to base around his own content
  • All about “golden keywords”, how to find them and what to do with them
  • Why it’s worth giving IGTV a go and how it could work for your business
  • How Paul’s biggest competitive advantage in a crowded market is… himself
  • How an Instagram ecommerce ad led to Paul immediately buying a new toiletries bag
  • Why MarketEd.Live 2019 speaker Gavin Bell is killing it in marketing right now and has got “big things ahead of him”

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