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Breaking the Mold: How a Staffing Agency Can Help You Build a Winning Team [THA 338]
Episode 33827th July 2023 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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"There isn't a technician shortage," Said no one ever.

Please welcome our panel of guests to discuss the topic of recruiting talent with a staffing agency in the automotive industry. Shop owners Kathleen Callahan and Michelle Tansey share their experiences and challenges in finding skilled technicians and how partnering with Promotive, a full-service staffing agency, has been a game-changer for them.  Joelle Pollak and Amy Gerardi, Cofounders of Promotive, discuss the process of understanding individual shop needs, sourcing candidates, and the importance of communication and partnership between the agency and shop owners.

Kathleen Callahan, Xpertech Auto Repair, Englewood, FL

Michelle Tansey, Euro Clinic, Santa Clara, CA.

Joelle Pollak, CoFounder, Promotive. Joelle’s previous episodes HERE

Amy Gerardi, CoFounder, Promotive.

Show Notes:

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  • The Importance of Outsourcing Recruitment (00:05:19) Kathleen discusses her experience using a staffing agency and the benefits of outsourcing recruitment.
  • Challenges of Finding Skilled Technicians (00:07:16) Michelle talks about the high demand for skilled technicians and the challenges of attracting and retaining talent in the industry.
  • Creating an Attractive Work Environment (00:08:04) The panel discusses the importance of creating an attractive work environment.
  • The recruiting process (00:09:04) Explains how Promotive partners with shops to find the right candidates and the process of understanding the shop's needs and culture.
  • The role of the recruiting team (00:10:09) Promotive writes job descriptions, sources candidates, and maintains a passive network for potential future positions.
  • Partnership and communication (00:16:28) The importance of partnership and communication between the staffing agency and the shop owners to save time and ensure a successful hiring process.
  • Challenges of Finding Good Talent in the Industry (00:18:21) The challenges of finding good talent in the industry and the unfairness of blaming shop owners for employees seeking better opportunities.
  • Constantly Recruiting and the Importance of Always Being Prepared (00:25:25) The importance of constantly recruiting and being prepared for unexpected staff changes in the industry.
  • Benefits of Building Relationships (00:27:33) Exploration of the benefits of building relationships with staffing agencies, such as having access to a pool of skilled candidates and the importance of retention.
  • Responsibility of Shop Owners (00:34:47) Discussion on the role of shop owners in retaining employees and the importance of creating a positive work environment to ensure employee satisfaction and longevity.
  • Recruiting Young Technicians (00:39:20) The importance of recruiting young technicians right out of college and suggests the idea of hiring them as production apprentices.
  • Cost-effectiveness of using a staffing agency (00:45:52) Explains the cost of hiring and recruiting on their own versus using a staffing agency.
  • Hiring and retaining employees (00:47:00) Emphasizes the importance of the shop owner's role in growing the organization and providing benefits to retain employees.

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