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Inside: Sales Enablement - Scott Santucci, Brian Lambert EPISODE 9, 9th July 2019
Ep9 Infuse Customer Empathy Across Sales & the Movie Beaches
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Ep9 Infuse Customer Empathy Across Sales & the Movie Beaches

Welcome to the Inside Sales Enablement Podcast, Episode 9

What can you do to help unclog the sales funnel? 

Most companies focus either at the top of the funnel (leads and prospecting) or the bottom (negotiating) but the real opportunity is to break down the sales pipeline into five (5) customer-verifiable objectives and then focus on what can be done to make it easier for sellers to accomplish them.

In this episode, Brian Lambert & Scott Santucci zoom into challenges of losing to no decision. In their typical, tell it like it is style, unscripted style - the go from a scene in the movie Beaches, connect that to buyer research, and then go deep into tackling a big problem inside MOST companies - losing to no decision.  

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