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Paradigm Shift: Predicting Customer Needs with Artificial Intelligence [RR 870]
Episode 87028th July 2023 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Dave Schedin and Jorge Antico discuss the importance of showing care and compassion for customers, effective communication, and the use of technology to improve customer service. Did you know technology can help overcome the shortage of qualified staff by providing comprehensive information to service writers, demonstrating expertise, and offering cost-effective maintenance programs? They also emphasize the significance of preventative maintenance in reducing breakdowns and improving customer satisfaction.  They encourage a paradigm shift in the industry to prioritize customer care and proper maintenance.

Dave Schedin, CompuTrek Automotive Management Systems. Dave’s previous episodes HERE

Jorge Antico, Founder and CEO, Service Intel.

Show Notes

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  • The importance of love and grace in business (00:01:20) Carm Capriotto discusses the significance of love and grace in business, emphasizing the importance of caring for customers and equating business practices with family values.
  • The role of technology in managing service records (00:05:47) Jorge Antico shares his experience of managing an automotive shop and the challenges he faced with outdated technology in tracking service records, leading him to create Service Intel.
  • Creating a CRM system for recurring maintenance (00:08:26) Jorge Antico explains how he developed a CRM system for recurring maintenance by manually categorizing service records.
  • Efficiency through technology (00:11:06) Using technology and AI, shops can now track and predict maintenance needs, making the entire process more efficient.
  • Preventative maintenance as a business strategy (00:15:50) Encouraging clients to prioritize preventative maintenance can reduce fires and liabilities in the shop, leading to a more successful business.
  • The limitations of diagnostic flowcharts (00:18:39) The lack of validation in diagnostic flowcharts and the importance of theory-based diagnostics.
  • Creating a customer service experience (00:21:43) How to provide a personalized vehicle profile and report to customers, building trust and loyalty.
  • The importance of transmission fluid maintenance (00:25:34) Discussion on the need for regular transmission fluid changes and the impact of not following the recommended maintenance schedule.
  • Implementing service management and creating loyalty (00:27:51) Exploring how implementing service management can create loyalty among customers and improve internal relationships within the business.
  • Overcoming fear of raising prices and embracing preventative maintenance (00:31:02) Addressing the fear of raising prices and the benefits of offering preventative maintenance services to customers for peace of mind and business growth.
  • Customer Retention and Technician Retention (00:34:18) Discussion on the challenges of retaining customers and technicians in the automotive industry.
  • Integration of Service Intel in POS Systems (00:36:47) Exploration of how Service Intel works within point-of-sale systems and the technical aspects of its integration.
  • Efficiency and Predictive Analytics (00:39:44) Explanation of how to systemize and manage the three layers of business (efficiency, preventative maintenance, and repair) using predictive analytics and CRM systems.

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