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Episode 45: When Bronze is As Good as Gold, What Olympic Athletes Teach Us About Setting and Breaking Through Limitations
10th August 2021 • Your Biggest Breakthrough • Wendie Pett, ND and Todd Isberner
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Do you know your limits? Do you know when to pause for the sake of mental or physical wellness? What about knowing when to keep pushing past those limits in order to embark on new territory you never thought possible?

Knowing your limits can be a two sided coin. It can be the difference between winning the gold, silver, bronze or no metal at all.

Today, Todd and Wendie talk about a few incredible athletes from the Tokyo Olympics and how they knew when to pause and when to come back, guns-a-blazing and push past their limits to break records. They break down some commonalities that Simone Biles and Moses have in common and talk about what scripture tells us about our limits and breaking free.

Let's dive in...

In this episode, you'll hear...

-The example Simone Biles set for knowing her limits...01:45

-Why Simone is being hammered by the media...03:40

-What Simone and Moses have in common and the powerful message we can learn from both...05:00

-How to know you've got 'Moses Syndrome' and when to give yourself a timeout...07:50

-The contradictory flip side of the coin and reaching beyond our limits...09:35

  • Simone Biles winning the Bronze metal on the balance beam

-How to know when to go at it again and test your limits...11:35

  • Sydney McLaughlin and Dalilah Muhammad setting new World Records
  • Iron sharpens iron

-Todd's personal example of pushing his limiting beliefs...14:05

-The benefits of knowing your limits and avoiding burnout...15:40

-How to recognize your own limits and when to ask your loved ones for support...18:15

  • Apostle Paul
  • Philippians 4 13

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