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Being A Better Man - Alf Herigstad 10th June 2016
060 – Muhammad Ali
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060 – Muhammad Ali


Muhammad Ali…

The man, the legend.

This episode is being released on Friday, June 10th, 2016.  Exactly one week ago today I got the news that Muhammad Ali had died.  You may or may not know…but I was a boxer, and I was keenly attuned to the fighters of my day, and when I was growing up Muhammad Ali was the Heavyweight champion of the world.

Hearing of his death made me feel many things.  He was a piece of my life after all.  He was an icon during a very influential period of my growing up.  News of his death caused me to ponder my memories of this man, this legend…and as I sat there reflecting my admiration for him was rekindled and it occurred to me that I should honor his passing with an episode devoted to him. 

Because there are examples and lessons this man gave the world both in and out of the ring that we should all pay attention to, especially if we are committed to being better men.  I never talk about sports on this show, but I’m making an exception here. 

If you hate boxing…just bear with me, this isn’t so much about boxing, as it is about the man.  So…this episode is in memory of Muhammad Ali.

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