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Bring Your Product Ideas to Life - Vicki Weinberg EPISODE 40, 18th December 2020
From selling on Etsy to a permanent showroom – With Catherine Marche
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From selling on Etsy to a permanent showroom – With Catherine Marche

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Catherine March designs and makes her own jewellery by hand, in London. She has a fascinating story of how she started selling the odd piece she’d made in jewellery making classes in London on Etsy (back when Etsy was really new!) - to having a showroom in the Oxo Tower today.

Listen in to hear Catherine share:

  • An introduction to making and selling jewellery made from recycled metals (1:46)
  • How she learnt to create her own jewellery and why she got started (3:24)
  • How she started to sell her products - and why she hadn’t actually planned to sell them (6:08)
  • How she went from selling the odd piece on Etsy to having her pieces in Hatton Garden (7:22)
  • Making jewellery that’s easy to wear (8:50)
  • Where she finds the inspiration for her jewellery designs (9:40)
  • When and why she decided to take a business course (11:55)
  • Selling on Etsy, back when Etsy was still a new platform (12:46)
  • Where she finds the metal to make her pieces (15:40)
  • The point at which she decided to start a business (16:28)
  • The advantage of selling products on your own website (18:01)
  • Where else her products are stocked and sold (19:41)
  • How Covid has affected her business and how (and where) she works (22:50)
  • What she enjoys about creating and selling her jewellery designs (25:25)
  • How her business works around family life (26:30)
  • Her number one piece of advice for other product creators (28:48)


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