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#93: Big Foot, Bus Stop, and a Penny for Your Props
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#93: Big Foot, Bus Stop, and a Penny for Your Props

On this episode we discuss violence at McDonalds, a birth in the sky, some coins in the motor, a dead raccoon, and much much more!

Here are the links to the stories we discuss:

Carman 11

Elderly flight passenger throws coins into engine for ‘luck’, delays take-off for hours.

McDonald's employee beaten up over broken ice cream machine.

Customer shoots McDonald's manager over frappe order.

Kangaroo found shot dead, posed in chair by Melbourne roadside.

Woman gives birth on flight, baby gets free tickets for life.

Argument over dead raccoon led to rural Mason Co. shooting.

Car horns should be replaced by duck quacks, science says.

Man drives into pond while following GPS directions.

Victim beaten with hammer, robbed of ukulele in San Francisco.

Mysterious Footprints On Pa. Property Lead Couple To Call ‘Godfather’ Of Bigfoot Hunters.

Man Jailed After Drywall Powder Mistaken For Cocaine.

All this and much more on this episode of WEIRD!

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