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What’s Holding You Back with Codebreaker, Sandra Biskind
23rd July 2019 • iCreateDaily Podcast • iCreateDaily Podcast
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What’s holding you back? If you’re searching for greater clarity and meaning…. and interested in breaking free from unconscious patterns that sabotage your happiness, you will definitely enjoy this illuminating conversation.

Today’s guest, Sandra Biskind, along with her husband, Daniel, is an author, spiritual mentor and coach, teacher and trainer of life mastery and personal development.

Sandra and Daniel have dedicated their lives to empowering people to free themselves from pain, suffering, sadness and limiting beliefs.

We all have unconscious patterns and beliefs that are preventing us from growing more fully into our potential and the life of our dreams.

Sandra and Daniel are adept at helping clients deactivate dysfunctional patterns that get in the way of creating a life of greater success and happiness.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Sandra Biskind, co-author of the internationally bestselling book, Codebreakers: Discover the Password to Unlock the Best Version of You.

So please join us for this conversation with Sandra where we cover:

  • Sandra’s story
  • Psychic abilities as a child
  • Abusive marriage and massive health issues
  • Sovereignty over your own mind
  • Conscious vs unconscious mind
  • Figuring out what’s holding you back
  • Four core questions for greater clarity
  • The Codebreaker system
  • Sandra and David’s system for writing Codebreakers
  • The Platinum Life system
  • Sandra’s future visions
“It’s up to us to train our minds so that we can have the lives we want.” 
~ Sandra Biskind, author, speaker, entrepreneur


Sandra and David’s Website

Codebreaker: Discover the Password to Unlock the Best Version of You

Out on a Limb by Shirley Maclaine

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life by Dr Wayne Dyer