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85 - How to Tell If You Have Anger Issue
Episode 8516th June 2024 • Anger Secrets • Alastair Duhs
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Do you find it difficult to stay calm in stressful situations? Do you lash out at others, even over minor inconveniences or disagreements? Has someone close to you, perhaps your partner or a family member, told you that your anger scares them?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, this episode of the Anger Secrets podcast is for you! In it, host Alastair Duhs delves into a crucial topic that can impact every aspect of your life: how to tell if you have an anger issue.

Alastair explores seven key signs that indicate anger may be a problem for you, and provide insights into how to manage and control it effectively. Tune in to learn how recognising and addressing your anger can lead to a happier, more fulfilling life.

Free resources:

-Take our quick 10-question Anger Quiz to see if anger is an issue for you. Find it at

-Explore a range of tools and resources designed to help you control your anger at

Time Stamps:

00:00 Introduction: Do You Have an Anger Issue?

00:25 Welcome to the Anger Secrets Podcast

00:57 Understanding Anger

01:51 Seven Signs of Anger Issues

02:00 Sign 1: Short Fuse

02:29 Sign 2: Physical Symptoms

03:06 Sign 3: Regret After Anger

03:48 Sign 4: Holding Grudges

04:34 Sign 5: Relationship Struggles

05:38 Sign 6: Constant Irritability

07:01 Sign 7: Feedback from Others

08:09 Conclusion and Resources

10:15 Recap and Final Thoughts




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