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5 – Problem Solving 101 in the Show Ring
5th December 2016 • Pure Dog Talk • Laura Reeves
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Problem Solving 101:

In Episode #5, we tackle three of the most consistent ring issues.

Showing the Bite

Showing the dog's bite can be nerve-racking for the beginner handler.  Since training the bite starts at a young age, sometimes an inexperienced handler needs a little help. Listen as Laura goes through the basic steps and enjoy the video.

Backing away from the Judge

The handler's reaction to a dog backing away from the judge is critical.  Since the dog is unsure or exhibiting stress, harsh corrections should not be used to add to the stress.


Pacing is described as both the left or both the right legs moving simultaneously.  When a dog paces, the gait cannot be assessed by the judge. The simple solution is to "pop and release" the leash upward to break the dog's stride.

Professional tips:

FIRM, FAIR, and CONSISTENT If YOU are nervous, it goes right down the leash ALL dogs are imperfect in some way. Know what is good AND bad about your dog and learn how to present the dog in his best light.

Dogsteps - Rachel Page Elliott

Considered one of the "Must Have" books for understanding gait and movement.  Explains what to look for and why a dog moves the way they move.