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Special Mouse Podcast
Episode 4114th July 2014 • Podcast Review Show – Get Your Podcast Reviewed • David Jackson & Erik K. Johnson
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The Special Mouse podcast is about going to Disney Parks with someone who has special needs. It is a great example of a podcast that embraces its community, and how a small niche can be just as powerful as a giant audience on a broad topic. Full disclosure, Dave edit's Kathy's podcast so asking Dave to rate the audio is not going to get an unbiased response. Stuff Kathy is Doing Right Intro: nice & clean.  Love the warmth with no big voice guy The sponsor fits well with the content. RN gives Kathy credibility Love the mouse theme with “mouse-keeping†and “anony-mouseâ€. Great Mickey tip of the week - be careful about copyright Enjoyed the knowledge and stories. Nice takeaway at the end - wrapped it up nicely Good job of enforcing that you know what it’s like - real stories Who doesnt’ love behind the scenes stuff? Soon to be ex-cast member for compalining. Loved the flow, ttransitions Loved the “down homeyness†I’m too busy to spam you. The about page is outward focused - nicely done Things You Might Consider Tweaking It was kind of hard to find areas that needed improvement. Add a contact page to your website (including social icons) Avoid asking yes/no and one word answer questions   “Where do you hail from? Are you a Florida local or do you travel to be a cast member?†Finish questions with the question - try not to answer it for them or give multiple choices “How did this all come about? Have you been wanting to be a cast member for a long, long time? Is this relatively new? Were you in the college program? Tell us.†“What got you interested in that, because you’re a relatively new cast member.  How long have you been working at Disney World?†  Have confidence in your content.  “Of course†assumes everyone knows & that is dangerous. “You went through training, of course.  And their training is famous, of course.†Felt like we spent a lot of time on people trying to gaming the system - looking for more special insights from the inside instead Special Mouse Podcast Find the Special Mouse Podcast on iTunes Special Mouse