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Wool Academy with Elisabeth van Delden - Elisabeth van Delden 27th September 2018
#100 Elisabeth van Delden about the Wool Academy Podcast
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#100 Elisabeth van Delden about the Wool Academy Podcast

Celebrating episode 100 of the Wool Academy Podcast it is time to hear more about the host of the show, Elisabeth van Delden. In this episode, Monica Ebert, a former guest of the show, interviews Elisabeth about the podcast. Elisabeth will take you behind the scene of the podcast. You will learn how Elisabeth came up with the idea for Wool Academy, how each episode is created and what the future will bring for the podcast.

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Key Time Stamps

[spp-timestamp time="01:48"] How did Elisabeth get started in the wool industry? [spp-timestamp time="06:29"] How did the idea for the Wool Academy Podcast develop [spp-timestamp time="09:15"] How difficult was it to find guests for the show? [spp-timestamp time="10:28"] How does each episode come about? [spp-timestamp time="13:42"] Technical issues [spp-timestamp time="17:01"] How much time does it take for each episode? [spp-timestamp time="18:15"] Does the Wool Academy podcast earn any money? [spp-timestamp time="20:14"] Who listens to the Wool Academy podcast? [spp-timestamp time="22:22"] The most popular Wool Academy podcast episodes? [spp-timestamp time="24:04"] Celebrating 20.000 downloads [spp-timestamp time="26:56"] Elisabeth's most favorite guest [spp-timestamp time="31:21"] Challenges faced with the podcast [spp-timestamp time="33:55"] Key learnings from the interviews [spp-timestamp time="37:54"] Future plans for the wool academy podcast [spp-timestamp time="44:13"] Elisabeth's most favorite moment in the wool industry [spp-timestamp time="47:58"] Which other podcasts does Elisabeth listen to?  

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