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Healing and thriving after trauma with Catherine Hale
Episode 1313th June 2022 • Love, Sex & Intimacy • Sarah Rose Bright
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I’m delighted to share this conversation with trauma coach and educator, Catherine Hale. 

Trauma is such an important topic as it affects so many people.  We cover so much including Catherine's definition of trauma, what the nervous system is, what a resilient nervous system looks like, the first steps you can take for healing trauma, why the gentle way is the sustainable route to healing trauma, how to learn to get your needs met, how to establish healthy boundaries, how to find the type of rest that is right for you, how to unlock shame, essential foundations for a thriving sex life, Catherine's post-menopausal wisdom for women who are still menstruating and much more. 

Catherine shares:

  • Her definition of trauma 
  • What the nervous system is and how it can respond to life 
  • What a resilient nervous system looks like and how to increase resilience 
  • What the ‘window of tolerance’ is and why it is important
  • First steps you can take for healing trauma 
  • Why the gentle way is the sustainable route to healing trauma 
  • How to learn to get your needs met 
  • How to establish healthy boundaries
  • Things to look out for when finding groups to explore your sexuality 
  • Why rest can feel threatening to your nervous system
  • What ‘active’ rest is
  • Wisdom from a post-menopausal woman for who are still menstruating
  • Essential foundations for a thriving sex life
  • How to unlock shame
  • The difference between hyper and hypo sexuality 
  • One of Catherine's favourite practices for regulating your nervous system 

Catherine Hale is an embodied trauma coach, educator and guide specialising in sex, love, and business who believes in the power of post-traumatic growth. A heartfelt entrepreneur, Catherine is the creator of the Thrive in Life Coaching Program, which has supported 100’s of courageous people to shift from surviving to Thriving in their lives. Her Thrive in Business Coaching Program is for heart centred coaches and entrepreneurs wanting to Thrive in Business and to dedicate their lives to create positive and sustainable change in the world.

Her successful Trauma Awareness Training has been taken by participants in over 15 countries worldwide and continues to bridge the gap in the therapeutic community – offering trauma informed practices and perspectives where previously absent. 

She is passionate about shifting the experience of menopause into one that’s culturally held knowing that we need to address this shift from both a personal and systemic perspective.

As a qualified trauma coach, sexological bodyworker, Trauma Release Exercises practitioner, and post-menopausal woman she writes a about a range of topics through the trauma informed lens: sex, love, relationships, menopause, women’s pelvic health, and post traumatic growth.

With a life long passion for the natural world she lives in Devon, UK by the river Dart with her cat Simba and can be found deepening her connection to nature while exploring ancient pathways in Dartmoor National Park.


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Catherine's 1:1 sessions to support people with trauma Thrive in their life, including their sexuality

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Your podcast host, Sarah Rose Bright is a Sex & Intimacy coach and the creator of Intimate Sexuality. She’s on a mission to help women and couples to love and celebrate their sexuality, create healthy and happy intimate relationships and find their pleasure, playfulness and passion for life.




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