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The Bhangra Podcast - Umer Qureshi EPISODE 29, 12th September 2019
29 – How to Make Choreography with Khiry and Sid
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29 – How to Make Choreography with Khiry and Sid

Hey y'all! On this episode Sid and Khiry Brothers talk about how to make choreography

2:00 Introducing Khiry Brothers

5:12 What is dancing

8:40 Free styling on your own

29:30 Free styling in groups

45:40 The overall picture

53:20 Designing transitions

1:02:20 building chemistry with people you’re collaborating with

1:10:00 Handling mid season set changes

Featured Mix: https://soundcloud.com/tykundance/darzana-4-vibe-aa-toh-sahi

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