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Numbers Don’t Lie, They Also Don’t Tell the Truth [THA 290]
Episode 29025th August 2022 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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The gang’s all here; we have the entire Aftermarket Radio Network together for an important episode inspired by the movie Moneyball. We all have experience with people who are not our top performers, but are we better to have them on the team than not? You know them; they are consistent, reliable, steady, and contributors. Are they worth replacing? Will they become the best or top performers, or do they help strengthen our overall performance? A great discussion among your peers.

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Key Talking Points
  • What REALLY contributes to production?
  • Simpson Paradox
  • Simon Sinec points out that Navy Seal teams value Trustworthiness far, far more than Performance.  VIDEO HERE 
  • Tech productivity is one of the most important aspects of business, but how can these numbers skew what that employee is really doing (helping others, sharing duties outside of production, etc.)
  • Are there some numbers or metrics that actually can look too good, which could cause an issue for growth or retention
  • Numbers don’t lie, but sometimes can be misleading. Do your numbers match up with what you are trying to do with the business?
  • You have to have your head up and eyes wide open to make sure you can identify the "doers" in your group. 
  • Do you have a scorecard for success for your technicians?
  • Pay plans; incentive greatness
  • Who are your ‘support people' to contribute and make the whole picture better
  • Culture is contagious
  • Training when hiring-
  • Weaknesses- be honest with eachother
  • Fine balance- profitability aspect, you can’t have a shop full of unicorns
  • Removing obstacles

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