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The Quash - Legalman EPISODE 34, BONUS EPISODE, 20th September 2020
Lies, Fraud & "Legal Tender laws"/ Bonus
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Lies, Fraud & "Legal Tender laws"/ Bonus

In this Bonus episode I discuss how the people are fundamentally confused about the nature of the govt & the consent of the people. I show you how we got "legal tender laws" during the civil war and reconstruction and how unconstitutional they are because the govt STEALS YOUR PROPERTY with those laws. I show you how the govt used and ABUSED court packing schemes to jam laws down your throat. The people are fundamentally misled by const/conservatives and THAT is why they continue to believe the fairy tales they are taught and defend and support this govt that does NOT have the consent of the people. And hasn't for a very very long time.

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