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Varun Mehta – An Authentic Leader
Episode 232nd March 2021 • Elevate.Together.Podcast. • Elevate Services
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This Next Normal leadership series podcast features the Chairman and CEO of Elevate, Liam Brown, and Varun Mehta, the CEO of FACTOR.  

FACTOR is a managed legal service provider.  A real and engaging exchange between two law company CEOs on leadership.  

[00:44]             Varun’s journey

[03:18]                Taking the CEO seat

[07:01]                The Pandemic CEO

[09:40]               The opportunity for law companies

[11:55]                 Factor … an authentic brand

[14:41]                 There is no reason Law Companies can’t be billion-dollar businesses

[15:57]                 Mentorship

[17:30]                 The CEO role in ensuring an effective board

[19:00] Highly effective questions