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Transitioning From Corporate Attorney To Full-Time Real Estate Investor With Clive Davis
24th October 2022 • Ice Cream with Investors • Matt Fore
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At some point in

our careers, we realize that we're just not cut out for the 9-to-5 corporate

grind anymore. We want out of the rat race and seek to pursue our passions and

gain more freedom and control of our lives. After 20 years of being a corporate

attorney, Clive Davis decided to combine his passion and

interest in real estate with entrepreneurship. Now, he is the founder of the

multifamily syndication group Park Royal Capital. In this episode, Clive joins Matt Fore to

share with us his journey transitioning to full-time in real estate. He talks

about scaling his portfolio, from multifamily to doing development, and how

crowdfunding investments helped him when he was starting out. Addressing the

current inflationary environment we are in, Clive then gives some investing

advice that can assist us in navigating the changes in the markets. Through it

all, he highlights the importance of having your own tribe because, at the end

of the day, real estate is a team sport.