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EP 065: Getting More New Industrial Clients Via Industrial Education Based Marketing With Ted Miller III
19th February 2019 • The Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott MacKenzie • The Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott MacKenzie
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Is expanding your Industrial Bottom-line, market and Customer base a priority and vital to your long-term Industrial Success? Ted Miller III, Founder and President of Training Mastery 3 discusses proven business growth strategies and insight on how to more effectively implement solid growth tactics to ensure your long-term Industrial success. Find out about Ted Miller III:

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Podcast Transcript:

[00:04]                                    Welcome to the industrial talk podcast with Scott Mackenzie. Scott is a passionate industry professional dedicated to transferring, cutting edge industry focused innovations and trends while highlighting the men and women who keep the world moving. So put on your hardhat, grab your work boots and let's go.

[00:22]                                    Well, hi there. Welcome to the industrial talk podcast. I am so glad that you are here. Thank you very much for joining. We've got an incredible interview with a gentleman by the name of Ted Miller, one third with that little three rides there, but we're going to talk a little bit about dog training mastery and increasing sales for you, the industrial professional, the bottom line. That's what we're here about. That's what we're passionate about. So let's go and let's start to into the industrial talk podcast. Thank you very much for joining. Yeah, I'm excited about this one. This is going to be great interview. I am. Ted is a man of action, no doubt about it. When we first started to connect, he just said, yeah, let's do it. And then of course he sent me a book right there, the ultimate sales machine. Chet Holmes. Incredible, but anyway, he is phenomenal.

[01:12]                                    Passionate about what he does and, and without a doubt I am and you are going to be just excited about this particular interview. But before we get going, we always have to be safe and we always got to talk about tailgate talk number one. Okay, you've been taught a hearing me talk a lot about reliability, and I want to make sure that you understand if you're a reliability professional, an asset management professional, you need to go to where liability, they are the leaders. They are the thought leaders when it comes to reliability and asset management. Bar none. You've got to go there. Incredible professionals, incredible people dedicated to your success as a reliability leader. Okay? So you can eat it. Go out to reliability, find out more great website, incredible activities going out there. You need training. It's there. You need to go to a conference that is just second to none.

[02:08]                                    Go there to the eventual. Find it all. It's all there. They're fantastic people. So that's reliability. number two, Goto the goto industrial Find the industrial academy there. You will find also training, because we're all about the training. You can't take the training away, right? We're all about the content and providing that information that is specific to you, the industrial professional, the companies that need to expand their market. That's where you're going to find it. The Industrial Academy, this is where I highlight not just only the stuff that I'm passionate about, which is marketing, branding, sales, leadership. But you don't want us to go to find out things about finance, industrial finance, technology. It goes on and on. So go to the Industrial Academy, uh, and which is at the industrial talk, Dotcom location number three. And then finally, here we go. I'm, uh, this is something that I started out Industrial Groundbreakers is a Facebook group that's out there and it is there to bring together the leaders of industry with young aspiring industrial professionals who want to get and connect it and learn as much as they possibly can about their new profession.

[03:24]                                    And that is the industrial market. So that is just the Industrial Groundbreakers. It's free. Join it, connect. I do Facebook lives and we just a, we really start talking a lot about digital marketing and things like that. Okay. On to the interview right now. So what makes us this conversation is so great is the fact that Ted Miller both heard he is really passionate about getting new clients. That's what we're about getting new clients by educational based marketing, right? You've got to, without a doubt, after listening to this particular interview, you got to take action. He is a man of action. He is a man of uh, extreme focus on what is really beneficial to you as a professional as well as a company and industrial company. It was just a wonderful conversation and he is truly in his heart and he lives it, breathes it and eats it.

[04:21]                                    He's an entrepreneur and he has his best interest is your success. So I don't do it justice. It was a fantastic interview. You've just got to just sit there, take notes because it's just full of just incredible education and then you can reach out. He is very responsive. He doesn't just sort of sit there and blah, Blah Blah and talk about it. He is responsive and I'm telling you right now, you'll be better off because of that. So once again, here he is. This is Ted Miller, the third, he is the founder of training mastery three and a. At the end of this podcast we're going to give you all, and I mean all of his contact information so that you have no excuse not to get ahold of him. So once again, here you go. This is Ted Miller. I am proud to have him on the industrial talk podcast. Enjoy the conversation. All right, I'm talking to Ted Miller. He's with training mastery three and I'm so glad that you're on a the industrial side

[05:25]                                    podcast yet. I, I can't believe it because I'll tell you, you contacted me. You turn that doggone document around real quick and we're on, we're doing a podcast. We're here, we're ready to rock and roll. I mean, there's no time to waste. So, yeah,

[05:39]                                    and in your little list here that I've got, if you're out there on youtube channel, I've got this list that he filled out and one of the things that, uh,

[05:47]                                    he likes to do things fast, which is, that's pretty cool. I mean, we're, we're symbiotic will when it comes to that. Semiotical is that a word? Symbiotic? You can make that audit

[05:57]                                    is but not article. I'll use it so that way you're not alone on that topic. And then you could say, well, I heard it from him.

[06:06]                                    It's mine. Put It on a bumper sticker and I own it. Welcome to the digital marketing world. All right, I've got to ask the question because we've got to humanize you a little bit because nobody really knows who you are within the industrial market. Let's talk a little bit about what you do right for your free time. What do you like

[06:22]                                    free time. Free Time. Well, you mentioned speed. If, if I had my druthers, I would be going fast. Physically, I would be on the race track. Uh, you know, all these tree hugging hippies out here on the west coast. When I moved out of Chicago, went out to Oregon, Oregon, now it's Oregon. I've been here 17 years, the mountain biking, so like whipping through trees and that could kill you. So anything that can put my life on the line, something about that journaling and allows me to feel present in the moment and slows everything down. I literally feel like he's space bending you Ben space in time when you're going super fast. I think in the corner at 90 miles an hour, like it's on a rail boom and the trees are just passing by as extra TPP, TPP. And then what changes is when it stops going by fast, like the slow mo in the movies you see like x man, the guy runs around and like dings down bullets and stuff. There's a state, I just love that I live for that. That's just great.

[07:18]                                    I did some mountain biking in Arizona. Yeah. And it was in a sub dona

[07:24]                                    and it was fantastic. It's great. Top Hod is Haiti's beautiful place. Wife and I went there for our anniversary and I good time under 14 degrees. I can up that hill though.

[07:33]                                    I don't care how your acs working by the way is hot and it's, it's a dry heat.

[07:39]                                    The dry heat, it's a drain that's pulling the skin off your arm. That's the dog. I'm sure that's for sure. Now my buddy that got me into pipe fitting, you know his family is just multiple generations. He just left there and he proved it does get cold. There's snow there right now so it does get cold knowing there right now he was there and it was covered in snow

[08:03]                                    ha and it's beautiful too. Okay. Because we all should go down the road of food because I'm all about food. I enjoy food. I always highlight industrial approved food. I Love Bacon. I love all of that stuff. What's your favorite food?

[08:17]                                    Oh, favorite seat when you dropped that word, it changes a lot fast because as a guy from Chicago I buy off of taste of they'll send me Lewminatti is deep dish pizza on dry ice so I can get it like old school Midwestern stuff. My, my, my name is Miller, my feet, I'm the third while feed or Miller senior was originally Maru Shack and a for from Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois. You might've been brought up eating a Marushak sausage. That's my family name. And so a lot of dead animal carcass, but now eat more like a rabbit. So you saw me on the last time, we had a quick little channel, second down, green drinks, juice drinks. So, uh, I went from deep dish pizza to uh, trying to find the healthiest version of stuff. Cause you're a stout guy. I didn't notice that last time we spoke. Holy Moly.

[09:11]                                    That's bling. I took third place in a bodybuilding contest, right? Yeah,

[09:15]                                    yeah, yeah. I did not notice that last time. I, whoa.

[09:18]                                    Well I competed. I was in physique and, and uh, I competed against, I'm walking up and his old man, come on, I'm an old man. So I'm walking up and I've got my quote competition in front of me. And I said, well Gosh, how much do you weigh? And they said, well, we're roughly about one 65 ish. And I said, I weighed one 65 was when I was in fifth grade. There was no way it took me forever to get down to 200.

[09:43]                                    My 13 year old's 190 pounds right now with a size 13 feet. So he's on, I'm only six to something. He's uh, the local Oregon Science Industry Museum did this thing. They measured his feet, his weight when he was young and they all come out with sizes and I'm driving the car with all the kids in the back and they're telling me how tall are going to be and outcomes is at six, seven. He's so bad. Well, that's what they said. He'll be, I don't know. He's six foot now, so I don't know how tall it will be. Everyone always asks

[10:16]                                    the Pacific northwest, they grow them big. They're growing big. And I'm not kidding you. I did a terminal up there. I did a bulk liquid terminal up there. And uh, two of the individuals that I was working with were seven feet.

[10:28]                                    Yeah, great guys. But seven feet, I only know one person, six foot seven right now. So if he's that tall, he will be the second person I know intimately at six, seven. So yeah.

[10:38]                                    Okay, let's get going. Let's talk a little bit about who you are, what you are outside of the fact that you like speed and outside of the fact that you used to eat well and now you're eating stuff that you don't like to eat. So let's talk a little bit about your background and why we're on this journey to talk a little bit about you because I'm passionate about what your message is going to be delivering to the market and that is how to increase once against sales market branding. All of this stuff does real space, uh, always need help with. So give us a little background, a photo of one on who you are.

[11:08]                                    Sexy topic is always getting more new clients. That's what people want to know about. So you know, they ask what do you do? They want to know the, we help entrepreneurs learn how to double their size of their company in 12 month period of time. They're always looking at fast growth strategies. So that's what people want. I mean, so when they go, what are you known for it? They look at what they want and then there's what they need. And I mean, I don't know about you, but I was on the job site at the age of nine and uh, I would be sitting down at the table again, dead carcass, hit the table, just a bunch of men just shredding at it. And then soon as the truck rolled up, so we were doing concrete. So the truck had concrete forms on there. Yeah, the stop eating and go on low.

[11:46]                                    And that was just a really interesting conundrum to me. I was like, oh, right. So I'm like, when I, you know, when I go out, I grow up and I, my business, I'm never going to have to stop eating my meal. I'm going to have someone download that damn truck for me. I wouldn't have the business run more without me or without me...