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That Thing About The Other Side of the Metal Door
Episode 872nd June 2021 • One More Thing Before You Go • Michael R Herst
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In this episode we are going to take a journey with a woman that was an occupational therapist working on psychiatric units, to being a patient in a psychiatric ward. Her experience with illness, anxiety, and depression behind the steel door will open your eyes to the stigma of mental health. You're going to learn how she took the first step to recovery, to use the tools that were given to her to move her life forward, and how you can do the same thing. My guest is Sandi Rae who grew up working in her mom’s Mexican restaurant in a small town in southern Minnesota. Growing up, Sandi always knew she was loved, but felt somehow 'not good enough'. She later went on to struggle with anxiety and depression, but in the midst of her struggles found the strength of family and God’s love to get her through. Sandi tends to lead with her heart and her three grown children will tell you, she has been known to get teary eyed over coffee commercials  Find out more and how to buy Sandi's book at

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