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WTH is going on with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? What’s fueling the fighting, Iran’s role, Biden’s response
19th May 2021 • What the Hell Is Going On • AEI Podcasts
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The latest round of fighting between Israel and Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas has grown increasingly violent in recent days, with Iranian-backed Hamas firing thousands of rockets at Israel, and Israel responding in turn. How will the conflict play out? And should the United States be taking a more proactive role?

Jonathan Schanzer joined Dany and Marc to discuss what’s fueling the latest round of violence. They also talk about the Biden administration’s response, the role of the Iran nuclear deal, and what it all means for the future of Arab-Israeli peace.

Jonathan Schanzer is senior vice president for research at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. He is also on the leadership team of FDD’s Center on Economic and Financial Power. Schanzer previously worked as a terrorism finance analyst at the US Department of the Treasury and has held think tank positions at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and the Middle East Forum.  

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