Get F***ing Real - Lisa Cherney
#6: From Abuser to Activist
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#6: From Abuser to Activist

Lisa Cherney interviews the one and only Andrea J Lee! Here brillance appears in many forms; Entrepreneur, Activist, Author, and Wealth Mentor.

In this episode, you’ll hear not only confessions but also stories that highlight abuse in today’s modern world and what we can actively do to improve relationships and business.

Episode Highlights

  • [6:23] Walking around half awake…
  • [12:25] When power became abuse
  • [19:33] When Andrea J Lee decided to come out as an abuser
  • [25:25] How did getting real and facing this evolve Andrea’s next chapter?
  • [30:54] A mom power awareness story
  • [37:11] What drives us to abuse power?


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