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Youpreneur FM Podcast - Chris Ducker EPISODE 304, 16th August 2018
How Personal Assistance has Evolved, with Emma Mills
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How Personal Assistance has Evolved, with Emma Mills

Delegation should be on the very top of your list as an entrepreneur if you want to increase your productivity and grow your businesses.

In this podcast episode, I speak with Emma Mills from Mi PA, one of the most successful virtual PA companies in the UK. Emma is an award-winning business owner who has had an incredible journey growing her own ‘youpreneurial’ world.

But before she opened her own delegation floodgates, Emma ran her business entirely solo. It’s safe to say that she had her fair share of struggles regarding productivity, but that all changed when she discovered the power of delegation.

Essential Learning Points From This Episode:

  • Virtual PA companies leverage business owner’s time, so you can focus less on completing repetitive tasks and spend more time growing your business
  • Before you do anything, ask yourself if it’s worth your time and if it’s not, delegate it
  • There’s no manual to running a successful business, so don’t be afraid to take risks!
  • Engaging with your audience and revealing snippets of your life with them helps inject that “human touch” to your business and allows your customers to identify with you
  • Be consistent with your email marketing and consider doing more story-based emails to maintain your business’ authenticity
  • Delegating and outsourcing gives you more flexibility
  • You can’t scale your business without developing relationships with your customers
  • Much, much more!

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