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How Did We Get HERE?
Episode 1235th January 2022 • Elisa Unfiltered : Living Life Out Loud • Elisa Kurylowicz
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This episode has themes of: Mental Health, Intuitive Awareness, Emotional Wellness, Cultural Conditioning, Media Impacts, psychological manipulation, Pandemic response and Lockdowns.

Are you feeling overwhelmed living under the constant stress of lockdowns? Have you been complying only to feel betrayed? Have the lockdowns impacted your mental health? Do you feel as though you've been lied too, or that the government mandates, rules and health response no longer makes sense? If you do, you are not alone.

As a Life Coach who works in the wellness and mental health space, and in light of the lockdown restrictions in place effect today January 5th, 2022 I can no longer stay quiet about what I have observed and how I feel in todays emergency response climate.

If you are confused and feel that enough is enough and are willing to demand a comprehensive treatment and awareness protocol be implement today, then this episode is for you.

Your mental health matters. Another lockdown is NOT ok. We need to stand up and demand more from our leaders.

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