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Backcountry and Barbells - Jarmey Day and Joe Szymanek 14th October 2019
Episode 28. I’d Chukar
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Episode 28. I’d Chukar

This week Joe and Jaremy discuss small game hunting and chasing Chukar!  As you will listen, these birds are fun at first but have a way of pissing you off enough to take another try, but isn’t that the fun of any challenging hunt.

Before the boys get into the specifics of hunting this challenging upland bird they provide a few personal accounts of trying new things in the effort to avoid aging.  Bottom line is movement is medicine and the best thing you can do is move it or lose it!

In terms of hunting Chukar Jaremy dives into a few personal tales and Joe asks a few questions about how the bird acts, where you can find them, how you can hunt them, and even a few questions about how to prepare them.

If you are an experienced Chukar hunter please let us know what we got wrong.  We would also love to hear your stories.

If you have never hunted this critter this episode may give you just another info to take to a Western Hill top round you!

In any case, please, let us know if this episode help you TRAIN HUNT and LIVE just a little better!  Heck, if we missed the mark we want to know that as well!  I any case, get after it and have a blessed hunt!