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Podcasting 101 – Physical Tools
11th June 2019 • The Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott MacKenzie • The Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott MacKenzie
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In this episode we talk about the physical tools you will need to sound great as a podcaster! Everything you need is below. Remember to listen to the first Podcast-101 Episode defining your Reason and Market (Link Below). As always, let me know how I can be of any help. Happy Podcasting.


Documentation Of Podcasting Equipment: Download Here

Industrial Marketing:

Industrial Academy (All the online training you need to be Successful):

Industrial Dojo:


Bliss Drive:

Active Campaign: Active Campaign Link

BombBomb: BombBomb Link

Social Jukebox:

Great Companies:

ReliabilityWeb – They are the leaders in all things Asset Reliability! Check them out, you will not be disappointed.

Safeopedia – Thank you for your continue support. Great Company with Great People.

Mocana – Intense focus on keeping countries, cities and families safe and free from malicious digital predictors.

Podcast Video:

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