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New Partners for Smart Growth 2017
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New Partners for Smart Growth 2017


Leaving a Lasting, Tangible Impact


[01:44] Mike shares how to register for the 2017 New Partners for Smart Growth Conference.

[01:54] Mike tells how to register for the FREE Equitable Development training from Infinite Earth Academy. Find the registration link in the Resources section below!

[02:31] Kate Meis is introduced.

[02:53] Kate expresses what she is most excited about for this year’s New Partners for Smart Growth Conference.

[06:24] Kate conveys the time frame for the projects to be done in St. Louis.

[07:01] Kate mentions some of the key topics of the New Partners for Smart Growth Conference.

[09:05] Kate identifies some challenges of continuing the momentum towards smarter, more sustainable communities.

[12:49] Mike discusses environmental policies and the effects of moving to a carbon-neutral economy.

[14:26] Kate comments about what smart growth looks like.

[16:04] Kate describes her thoughts on what she sees are the most promising developments impacting smarter and more sustainable communities.

[19:43] Mike mentions the arrival of self-driving cars and trucks and that driving is one of the biggest employers in the U.S.

[22:35] Kate weighs in on the topic of job automation.

[23:46] Mike replies about how we shouldn’t be afraid of technology.

[24:34] Kate responds that we should rethink what change means for our education system and workforce training.

[25:31] Kate relates what the change in administrations might mean for smart growth and sustainability efforts.

[32:00] Mike talks about the high demand for walkable, smart-growth communities and about the shifting economics of energy markets.

[33:04] Kate agrees about the market momentum.

[33:54] Mike tells how to register for the 2017 New Partners for Smart Growth Conference in St. Louis.



Kate Meis is the Executive Director of the Local Government Commission (LGC). Kate is a champion for local governments; a recognized leader in local climate change adaptation, mitigation and clean energy efforts; and an ardent coalition builder. She obtained a Masters of Science degree in Community and Regional Development from the University of California, Davis, and has a Sociology Bachelor’s degree from California State University, Sonoma.



For over 35 years LGC has connected cutting-edge leaders from across the nation. Together they are advancing transformative policies and implementing innovative solutions for sustainable communities. LGC works to build livable communities and local leadership by connecting leaders via innovative programs and network opportunities, advancing policies through participation at the local and state level, and implementing solutions as a technical assistance provider and advisor to local jurisdictions. With roots in California and a national reputation, LGC offers inspiration, information, and partnership for local and regional champions dedicated to building thriving communities that integrate civic engagement with environmental, social and economic priorities.


“This year I’m really looking forward to having a tangible impact in the community we’re going to be in in St. Louis. So, in the past we’ve gone, we’ve had a great few days, we’ve done local tours, we’ve engaged our local partners through a local advisory committee, and we’ve made some great partnerships and some great connections, but we had never really utilized all these experts we’re bringing together across the nation to leave a lasting impact in our host city. So that’s our priority this year.”

“We will also be working with some art organizations in three neighborhoods to provide some technical assistance and in critical areas that they identify, and then also working with some local youth to build and install three large, what they’re calling, mandalas in each neighborhood. So they’ll be painted on wood and weatherized, and they’ll be really large installations that focus on themes of transportation and urban renewal.”

“In the U.S. we have roughly four times more parking spaces than vehicles, so I see huge potential to open up that space and to really have communities invest in housing people rather than our cars. And I think the timing is really right for that sort of a revolution: we have seen the pace of car use slowing, people up until now are pretty maxed out on their commute distances, we see millennials turning away from the car, and, like I said, we are seeing ride sharing increasing pretty exponentially.”


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