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Episode 183 Tommy Booth / Entrepreneur / Founder “Wine Boss” Paso Robles / Vintner To The Stars…
2nd March 2022 • Modern Cowboy • Dan Hillenbrand
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Had a great time on the Podcast with Tommy Booth, Founder of the Wine Boss, LLC Brand in Paso Robles CA. Tommy has an amazing story of his journey to creating his company and I am sure you will enjoy it & be inspired as much as me...

Born in Los Angeles in 1988. Grew up riding horses and helping dad run his vineyard business and Appaloosa program. Mom was Chicago born and pushed me academically, which led to my acceptance into Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo under the major of Wine and Viticulture. Dad passed away unexpectedly during my first quarter of college and so I juggled the vineyard business while obtaining my degree. After that I worked production and tasting room management in Paso Robles while continuing vineyard work in Los Angeles. 

Eventually, I created the umbrella company Wine Boss LLC which titles my own winery license and tasting room. Using a great deal of persistence, I was able to make a private label wine for my favorite reggae rock band, Pepper, and several other bands within that genre of music. With business being as time consuming as it was, I was about to move on from vineyards when I received a call about replacing vines at a very familiar address. It was a vineyard my father and I installed 17 years prior so I took the job out of sentimental value. 

However, dad had given me the account of a lifetime.. I came to find out that Kevin Hart was the new owner of the property. Divine (no pun intented) intervention - (haha had to steal that Dan ;) I've been working with Kev and his wines for 3 years now, hoping this leads to something huge for my brand.


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