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Real Life Weight Loss - Corey Little EPISODE 74, 21st September 2020
Stuff No One Tells You About Successful Weight Loss
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Stuff No One Tells You About Successful Weight Loss

Losing weight doesn’t happen how you think it does. 

True success is probably a lot different than you imagine or the story you have in your head. It rarely plays out or looks like the vision we had in our minds.

Most people have this mental fairytale of weight loss success and I’m here to tell you that it very rarely turns out that way. So today …

I’m going to share with you 7 things that no one ever tells you about successful weight loss. Everyone’s experience is different. I’m not saying all of these things will definitely be true for you, but trust me - they’re true for the majority of people. 

Grab your pen, notepad, coffee, earbuds, and get ready for the truth!


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