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Tao Brain FUEL, Branding, and CBD with Ultra Human
Episode 33521st April 2020 • LIVETHEFUEL - Health, Business, Lifestyle • Scott W. Mulvaney
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Today We Learn to Become Ultra Human:

Jason Dhir, CEO, and Founder of Ultra Human & Jason Dhir Productions. Few Notes:

- 20 Years Experience in Consulting, Product design formulation, packaging, distribution, seminars, writing, athlete contracting - the full A-Z in this industry.

- Threw large scale extreme Parties for 16 years too. 500-5000 person attendance.

- Frequently do seminars and workshops on Physical and Mental performance. Also on Business and Entrepreneurship.

- Ultra Human is a brand I designed to be only the absolute best of the best spare no expense, for professional athletes and medical doctors and elite coaching facilities.

- Talk openly about ANYTHING. Don't particularly get into the news etc, but love talking about Entrepreneurship, Performance, Anything Supplement related, dieting, training, any drugs, nootropics, productivity pointers, relationships, sex, humor, and so forth.

QUOTE: "Sometimes the only way out... is in."


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