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169 - How to deal with low self-worth?
Episode 1697th July 2021 • Assertive Radiance • Nadia Fleury | Alchemist
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In this episode, Nadia shares her correspondence that transpired not too long ago from one of our dearest listeners, named Blanca. In the said letter, Blanca writes to Nadia asking for guidance or advice regarding her predicament about dealing with low self-worth. 

As a response, Nadia replies to Blanca, expressing her insight into dealing with low self-worth and eventually turning a bitter experience into fruitful and unconditional self-love. 

According to Nadia, trouble usually arises when you try to suppress your feelings. And so, the first step in recovery would be to forgive yourself. Once you let go of all the negative energy, you find goodness starting to flow within you. And one way to release all the negativities is through nature. Indeed, Nadia firmly believes that nature has a way to heal your soul because Mother Nature nurtures the mind, body, and soul. 

Further, Nadia illustrates how to deal with unkind opinions and hurtful words directed at you. She shares a clever trick to help you see the illusion from the truth and thus protect you from further worries and unnecessary stress. But Nadia explains that the universe sends people into our lives to help us see who we really are and help us grow. Sometimes, it's the adversity that makes us grow stronger and wiser because life's greatest lessons are taught through pain. 

To end, be reminded that "Your value doesn't decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth." So be patient and trust the process. Because the moment you finally realize your true worth, you wouldn't need anyone else to confirm it. As such, pure bliss and unconditional self-love await.