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Diana B. Henriques - Taming the Street
Episode 22018th September 2023 • A Book with Legs • Smead Capital Management
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“FDR was brilliant in recognizing there is a connection between a fair economy with well-regulated markets and a strong democracy with broad public support. He saw those as inextricable, and that’s why his financial reforms were the heart and soul of the New Deal.”

Award winning author Diana B. Henriques joins Cole to discuss her book, Taming the Street: The Old Guard, the New Deal, and FDR's Fight to Regulate American Capitalism. Diana’s book recounts the steps President Franklin D. Roosevelt took to regulate Wall Street during the 1929 stock market crash and through the Great Depression. The conversation covers the cast of characters involved in regulating #markets, some of the initial backlash, and how the New Deal still plays a key role on today’s Wall Street.