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#88: You Voted for Clean Energy… So Where The Hell Is it?
Episode 8816th March 2020 • Important, Not Important • Important, Not Important
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In Episode 88, Quinn & Brian ask: You voted for clean energy… so why hasn’t it become a thing yet?

Our guest is: Dr. Leah Stokes, author of the new book Short Circuiting Policy: Interest Groups and the Battle Over Clean Energy and Climate Policy in the American States She’s like Captain Planet if Captain Planet was a powerful woman with a Ph.D. in kicking polluters’ asses AND public policy.

At the end of this episode, you’ll know exactly why your state is still building or spewing fossil fuels and how you can help burn it all down. The energy system in our country is functioning exactly as it was designed — poorly and toxically — but we do have the ability to reclaim our air, reclaim our water, and reclaim our health if we start working together now.

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