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The No Head-Trash Nation - Greg Yates EPISODE 67, 11th May 2020
EP 67 | It shouldn't take a war... but it does
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EP 67 | It shouldn't take a war... but it does

It shouldn’t take a war… but it does

It’s Greg from The No Head trash Nation and today we’re talking about the SIMPLICITY of WAR… and why it shouldn’t take a war to get Simple. 

Did you see what I did there? The simplicity of war and why it shouldn’t take war to get simple? Ahhh… even as I’m recording this I have to admit that NOTHING about war or about life seems simple. Maybe it’s wishful thinking on my part. Maybe my quest for a no head trash life has finally broken me down and I’m LOSING MY MIND…   Hey let’s keep going and find out. What do you say?   Evil laugh. 

Recently I found myself chasing four different goals, taking me in four different directions with my attention, my effort and fueling my guilt. Maybe it was the shiny object – fear of missing out – but honestly, every one of those things felt important. It wasn’t that any of them were ‘bad’ or wrong. But how many directions can I stretch myself? Why do I always manage to create enough conflict with the spread of ambitions that NONE of them actually gets done and I realize once again that I’ve strayed from the simple path I was so hungry for. I created a war… and in that war, I realized how bad I want to feel peace. 

Seriously, when do things get simple? When do you realize how few things matter and embrace the simple things like peace? … wait… war makes me appreciate peace? Yep… or at least it does for me. 

It’s been the heartaches, the brokenness, the ‘to the death’ struggles when I’ve gotten the most clarity about life and you know I’m always talking about clarity and a clear definition of success.  There, I said it… my two favorite topics.  NO HEAD TRASH and Defining Your Success.. BOOM – drop the imaginary mic…. I can’t afford to replace the real one so I’ll just drop the imaginary one, thank you very much. 

So wait, does that mean I should look for the war so I can find what I’m really looking for? That’s about the way we think, isn’t it? The reactionary accidental clarity we’ve come to expect… and That’s garbage. I’m so sick of accidentally learning what’s important. I’m so sick of breaking my face while I’m chasing parked cars that I re-learn and re-learn all of the simple things that matter.  

Whew… ok.. where was I?

It shouldn’t take a war for us to realize what matters. It shouldn’t take failure to help us get clear about our definition of success. It shouldn’t take DRAMA with our people, chasing likes or followers for us to realize what really matters and how we ACTUALLY CONNECT.  

But far too often it does.  That’s what I’m here to confess about today. 

If you care about finding simple and helping other people thrive in it as well, I’ve got just three things to say. … can you guess? 

Look… I can’t tell you what that dialed in focus you’re looking for is. It’s YOUR journey. That path is YOUR path…   

               Come on… you know how easy it is to map someone’s life out and solve their problems… cause you’ve done it! You’ve looked at their PLAN… like it’s a formula, and you’ve said… I don’t se the problem. Just do these three things …  Then you shook your head that they didn’t just grab your GENIUS and become superstars overnight..

But… as we all say… MY PROBLEMS… my distractions, are different.  And they are but only in one way. Because you’re subject to the three things I love to talk about.  Here we go. 

They’re different because it’s YOUR head trash you’re dealing with and your Definition of Success that gets fuzzy and YOUR circumstances that LIE to you to you about what’s really happening and what you’re REALLY capable of. 

Don’t let anybody, especially me, tell you how to flush that toilet (oh… sorry mom) but figure out how to flush it.  Seek the comparisons and face every situation knowing that there is a war going on and it’s the greatest opportunity you have to figure out what really matters… it’s your road to the simple. 

No… it shouldn’t take war and drama to find simplicity and peace… but it always does. Let’s get rid of the head trash together. 

And while I’ve got you, I want to make this shameless offer… I’m in final editing for my latest book entitled Circumstances Lie… NEWS FLASH…  I turned this business book into a love story and you will be blown away how clear the 5 things Circumstances Lie about LINE UP between our love and our leadership.  

If you’re interested in getting a free copy of that book, you’ll find the details on my website, noheadtrash.com. I hope you’ll stay connected as we write the stories that bring peace and prosperity out of the conflict.  

Let’s do it together.