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Circular Carbon Chemistry - Making chemistry sustainable with Christian Vollmann
Episode 1212th July 2022 • Climate Insiders • Yoann Berno
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Christian Vollmann is the Founder and CEO at C1 / Circular Carbon Chemistry, a Berlin-based startup developing climate-friendly chemicals, for example, Green methanol.

He has been involved in over 70 start-ups to date and has built several companies from zero to successful exit, including a listing on the NYSE

We're receiving Christian on the show for his active involvement in the Climate Tech scene as both an entrepreneur and business angel

Listen and Learn

  • From contributor to climate change to being part of the solution (1:45)
  • How many startups have you founded and invested in? (3:02)
  • How is methanol produced today? (4:14)
  • What was preventing the production of green methanol before? (6:37)
  • What are the economic prospects of C1 nowadays? (7:53)
  • On reducing the ‘green premium’ on sustainable chemicals (9:15)
  • Who are your customers today? (11:15)
  • What is the most challenging bottleneck of a green chemistry startup? (13:50)
  • Grabbing lots of capital early on or bootstrapping the first 2 years? (16:35)
  • Does your path to scalability require bigger and bigger rounds? (18:00)
  • How can we encourage successful founders to invest back into the startup ecosystem? (20:31)
  • Tips and tricks to setting up an angel back office (22:40)
  • What investment has brought you the most satisfaction? (23:59)
  • What has been your strategy in angel investing? (25:12)
  • What is your advice for people looking to start in ClimateTech? (26:21)
  • Rapid fire round (28:O7)
  • Fall in love with the problem or the founding team? (32:27)

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