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(EP: 142) Buying a home when 'New to Canada' - Money Saving Tips for Home Owners
Episode 14226th November 2020 • Bo Knows Real Estate • Bo Kauffmann - REALTOR
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In today's episode, Number 142, our main topic will be "Mortgage Options for Buyers who are New To Canada". We'll also touch on a few points on how to get your home ready to sell in the springtime, and talk about some home insurance options.

As (hopefully) most of you know, I'm a professional real estate agent, specializing in helping home and condo buyers and sellers in the Winnipeg market area. Thats how I earn my living and I absolutely love what I do.

I love interacting with people, explaining and teaching new things about real estate and home ownership, educating buyers and sellers in the process.

Thats how this podcast was born. It's a labour of love, I dont charge for ad spots, or collect money from it directly. If I mention or promote a local business or service, it's because I have either used it myself, or recommended it to friends and family and have had great feedback.

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This Week on the Blog

We're just entering the late fall of 2020, but if you're thinking of selling your home in the spring next year, NOW is the time to start planning. Call your agent now, to do a walk-thru and give you honest and direct feedback. THIS is the time for critical, unvarnished information on what you could do to maximize the selling price of your home.

On Winnipeg's Real Estate Blog, there is a post of 6 things to do to prepare your home for that spring sale. Here is the link

Spotlight on Local Business

If you're buying a house or condo and getting a mortgage (most people are), you will be required to get property insurance. Banks, Credit Unions, mortgage brokers....won't matter who you deal with, if they are loaning you money to pay for the home, they will want their investment protected.

My favourite property insurance company is RA Hughes Insurance, located in the Dominion Shopping centre at the foot of the Norwood Bridge. They are an insurance broker, meaning they deal with a variety of insurance companies, and can help you find the best fit for you.

Owner Darcy Cook and his super friendly staff have been protecting your peace of mind, since 1929..... (well, actually Darcy isn't THAT old...but the company was started by his family.) Call Darcy at 204-837-1960

Their website is here

Phone Interview with Mike Schroeder of Mortgage Architects

Today we will talk with Mike about mortgage options for people who are 'New To Canada'. Landed Immigrants and other statuses.

Money-Saving Tips for home owners

The American Water Works Association Research Foundation conducted a study in 1999 and found that 27% of water is used in the toilet, 22% in the washer, 17% shower, 16% faucet and 14% lost thru leaks.

New toilets , showerheads and cold water in washing machine will help reduce your costs.

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