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Chucky Ballzak steps in for the suspended Mike Ranger in this worst of August duel between 1977, 1987 & 1998!
8th September 2021 • Dueling Decades • Dueling Decades
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Welcome back, everyone! We've got a special "worst of" edition for you this week. Since Mike Ranger is still serving his indefinite suspension (more details on the episode), we found someone new to fill in his rotation spot. This week, we're joined by his replacement, Chucky Ballzak! This is Chucky's first time competing, but he's a veteran of the game and how this retro ruckus is played! With that being said, Chucky went back and dug up the least promising things August 1987 had to offer. On the latter end of the competitive bracket, Marc James frosts his tips and delivers a poop sandwich that you'd only be able to find in August 1998. Last up, putting his winning streak on the line, Mancrush rocks a shimmery leisure suit and comes to party with the worst of August 1977!

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